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So I don't even know what happened here. At all. I'm still confused.
So first he locks me in chains then he lets me go?! I will never understand this sweet yet strange boy. But thanks to him I was only locked in Jin's house for two days. I'm sorry Hobi! I wish I could take back all the mean things I said to you!
is this an app?
@aliendestina I'll come back but I don't think things will ever be the same. I'll be their friends but I've been dating Jimin for a solid 6 months. But that's how long it has been since Yoongi kidnapped me so I guess I should let that go. But me and Jin weren't even dating and I don't think we ever will. Regardless. I will come back
@AngelaDarkness come back they just love you
@aliendestina I had no idea! I thought from the way you two were acting that you two were together! Tae never told me about you. My apologies! Regardless I hope you and the others will be able to lift Yoongi's and Jin's spirits about losing me
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