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안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat here with another update for my fellow (and non fellow) Monbebe. Just as it happened yesterday, I woke up to an early notification from the V app that Monsta X had dropped the next teaser in the line of many, 'Oath of Shownu'.
The first thing I realized while watching Shownu's was the stark difference in visuals and scenery compared to I.M's. In 'Oath of I.M' there was a lot of fire, explosions, and it seemed dark and rather rough. From what I figure it was a battle field. There seemed to be a bunker and the boys seemed to be running in boots. 'Oath of Shownu' was more light, simplistic. You see the boys surrounded by flowers as they each smell them and chimes sound in the background. You see some kind of metal which leads me back to my theory about some kind of military survice, war, type ordeal but I could be wrong.
So what do you think? The images are a lot more calming than those of I.M's teaser... but what if I told you what he was saying actually made the feel of this teaser a bit different? Well..... as the nice little writer/reporter that I am.. I have decided to make your life easier and just upload a video someone has translated for us.
Oooo a little different huh? We send our thanks to the video maker for helping me translate that without having to use my poor child like Korean.
Anyways. Shownu talks about loss and getting it back... this again just makes me wonder what is going on exactly and what these boys have in store for us...
What are you ideas? Do you have any theories? Did you enjoy this teaser? Let me know.....
OH! and on a side note... did anyone else notice Shownu, our shy leader, actually eating the plant?
Anyways! I will keep you updated with what Monsta X does next!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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