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BTS Google Search
So I am pretty sure Armies know that they can type "Wealthy House Wife" into any search engine and get Suga馃槀馃槱 but I have been trying to see if there are any other names to get other members?? Suga: wealthy house wife Jin: Car door guy V: 4D Alien Rap Monster: Sexy Brain leader Jungkook: Golden Maknae Jimin: ??? J-Hope: ???
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@MadAndrea I don't see a lot of jimin when I type "J-booty"
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@candymonster30 I did when I did it a while ago haha but I was looking for Hobi's when I googled it and I found his
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@candymonster30 I think I looked it up before j lo made that song called booty haha I think that's why
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You can get all by seven crazy boys I think
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@sarahdarwish or seven idiots who ruined my life
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