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Subkulture Let me just say I love you, just the fact that you listened to us fans about a 2nd date is enough for me but no you got out of your way to get us that 2nd date!!!!
Seriously hoping I get tickets this time!!! But I mean at least more IGOT7 will be able to see GOT7 so thats good!!!
However they did only add two dates for #FLYinNYC and #FLYinLA but I mean thats better then nothing!!! Tagging people who commented on my last card about GOT7 tour: @chenisbaekasy @lopleaf19 @Dabaesaplayer @ivyheart13 @IsoldaPazo @JaxomB if you want to be untagged let me know!
Let me know. Tickets go on sale Friday, so I'm going to try for P1 I guess.
they added another! I kind of knew that would happen. . too many people and small space where they will be in showing the concerts in U.S. great everyone will get to see the boys. .yeeehaaaww!
@SerenityPierce it was an official statement from Subkulture so its real.
OMG I hope this is real because my best friend who I was supposed to go to this with was not able to get any tickets because of the stupid website and now we might just have a fighting chance. please let this be real!!! 馃槬
@IsoldaPazo i probably go to LA because block B and CNblue will be there
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