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Tell me I'm not the only one not happy about this. The poor boys!! Fans can be so damn selfish, I swear.
these "fans" keep whining and shit
oh believe me I'm pissed off. why the fuck are they doing this. the boys will be overworked!! JB is already in pain enough!! there's not even a guarantee these ppl will get a ticket cuz the others can easily swipe them all again.
I'd be sad if i didn't get ticketa but i wouldn't go to JYP and SubK and start cussing them out!! thats so immature
Omg i was sad i couldnt get tickets but this is going way too far they need there rest they are going to be sooo tired poor children
But Atlanta is the one that has been completely sold out.... (sigh). My daughter is a dancer.....and performance is what she lives for. She's much happier performing than resting.
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