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Tell me I'm not the only one not happy about this. The poor boys!! Fans can be so damn selfish, I swear.
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@VictoriaBossier did you see the petition that was going around? I heard that only 700 people signed in. Only 700!! I feel that that's not a big enough number but it happened.
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oh i saw. =_= @thedancingtiger
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But Atlanta is the one that has been completely sold out.... (sigh). My daughter is a dancer.....and performance is what she lives for. She's much happier performing than resting.
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Omg i was sad i couldnt get tickets but this is going way too far they need there rest they are going to be sooo tired poor children
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I'd be sad if i didn't get ticketa but i wouldn't go to JYP and SubK and start cussing them out!! thats so immature
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