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Wife Moonbin
He has on a like a wedding veil, it's so cute
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@mrsjeon it'd be like... "let's get married Moonbin" and he'd say 'alright I'll get my wedding dress " and you just stand there for a minute like what? But in the end you just end up getting married in a tux~ no problem
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To be freaking honest though XD like it just looks right after u think about it like okay. imagine him in a full on wedding dress like what who told u to be so pretty!?
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@mrsjeon exactly, like your not supposed to be as pretty as me!
2 years ago·Reply
@AdriannaFletc moonbin: *checking self out in the mirror* sorry babe but *shrugs and struts away * well shit moonbin
2 years ago·Reply
honestly it's easy to imagine that ><
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