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Your Daily MV Hook UP!!!

안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat here again with another installment of Your Daily MV Hook UP! Today we are going to talk about the group A.cian. This group has actually had a lot of line up changes having lost a total of 5 members over the years. Today there are only 4 memebers... I know you just looked back up at the picture and think I miss counted right? Nope sadly one of the boys up there is no longer with the group. I will explain that into more detail when I make a Let Me Introduce about them. For now I will just tell you the minimal information. A.cian debuted in 2012 with Wings Entertainment.
This MV came out back in 2014. Last year in 2015 they had another comeback with the song called Touch. I do love that song as well but this song will forever be my favorite A.cian song. The four member group is full of color and talent and I for one hope they do not undergo another line up change. The current members consist of Jung Sang, Hyuk Jin, Sang Hyeon, Jin.O.
Well without further adieu...... A.cian Ouch!!
What did you think? To your liking? I actually really love this song. It was my ringtone for the longest time.
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I love them! 💕 I listened to a lot of their songs after I found about the song 'Touch'
ok A.cian is added to list kpop groups I need to be listening to. Thanks for the hook up ☺
@MelissaGarza you are more than welcome!
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