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Hellllooo fam! Remember how we used to play house when we were kids? How about we take it up a notch and see what it would be like to be a married couple with Kookie!

Are you ready Mrs. Jeon??

Home is where the heart is <3

You'd both go for a comfy yet contemporary home. A relatively big house because the kids-- I mean the boys would need space to goof around when they come over on the weekends. Not to mention the children you plan on having also need a backyard and room to run around in.

Bedroom and entertainment rooms

Since his favorite color is red and black you'd cooperate and settle for black, white and red palette for the room. Keeping it classy and super comfy at the same time. Of course you'd have a dance studio at home seeing as you know how much he loves to dance, and hey he can give you special lessons on BTS choreography. A music room would be essential as well with various instruments and small recording studio. Turn up! Both of you aren't afraid to geek out so you agreed on having a playroom with gaming systems, a pool table and flat screen with a comfy couch for movie nights.....Alsooo you might be a bit of a book worm so you had to have a library with both comics and novels.

Abs are made in the kitchen

Seeing as how much both of you love food he let you have complete control over this area. It would be stocked with healthy food, gotta keep a good figure for your man after all he does so for you too!....but knowing you two you'd have a special cabinet filled with junk food because how you say no? and yes, you do have jams in the pantry *cough*Jimin *cough*

Let's talk kids~

Now you love your man so of course you both want children. After some discussion you both decide that two or three would make a comfy number for your new family. Knowing both of you make good money and are ready for the journey of parenthood. Your first happened to be a boy and he couldn't be happier! He has so much to teach his little man and about two years later you have your second child, a baby girl! You teach her about books and are so excited to share so much with her and your boy. Each have their own rooms and are decorated. You dress both of them stylishly and comfy so they can move around and play.

Power couple!

You would take an at home job so you could earn money while taking care of your kids while they are small and maintain the household. He would work and try to be home as much as possible. During tours and events he would call and talk with the kids on the phone and face time whenever he can. After touring and coming back home he would spent every minute of his time with the family and the boys would come and play with the kids as well. Once the kids are old enough and are enrolled in school you take on your dream job for that extra income. Sure he makes enough money but hey you are a strong woman, you can make that cash flow too! SWAG
I hope you guys liked it > <
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can you do a taehyung one next i wanna read his
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the library reminds me of my love from another star
YAS MRS.JEON IS READY AND OMF owo my dream life and dream home like what ewe
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