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So I'm still working on my other fanfictions, but in the midst of taking a break from my on going BTS one, I once again started a new FanFiction; that makes 7 I'm working on now.


♢♢ I really Should be Grounded from such shenanigans.

Any ways. A little Insight to the story:

● Four friends who are struggling to find themselves, end up in a situation that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They must all work together to make this experience one, that won't be forgotten. They must also be careful not to change the course of history ●
So I'll leave the first chapter. If you decide that you want to be tagged, please drop a comment below.

☆ Also I'm horrible with updating, not really, but sometimes it slips my mind. So I will ask now for your patience with me ♡

♧ Warning: Mild Language

The days had passed since any customers walked into their coffee shop. After their showdown with the critic at the beginning of the week, it went downhill from there. Aimee's sharp tongue once again got the girl's in trouble; they all knew it. What once was a bustling business, was now a graveyard proving how one person's word can change the course of action. The workers got angry at how Aimee was reckless with her choice of words. Surely she didn't do it on purpose, but that didn't matter at this time. All they knew was that without customers, there would be no profit. With no profit, comes no income. Samantha threw her towel at Aimee while she was cleaning the counter. "You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? He was a critic! All because of your sharp mouth, we are possibly looking at no more business. Ever!" "Don't you dare talk to me about sharpness. He was belittling my sisters and workers. I told him to leave if he had a problem with you all. Yes, that may not have been smart, but I'll be damned if he was going to walk all over everyone." Jojo, Arisa, and Kristine stood beside Aimee as her and Samantha were in a heated discussion. The chimes on the door rang as they paused their discussion. Samantha threw her apron at Aimee as she walked out, "I quit." Four elderly women walked in and sat in the table next to the window. The four girls walked over collecting their composure, catching looks from the ladies. They looked up at them and smiled, as they put their menus down. These older ladies have been coming into the coffee shop since it first opened. They loved the girls and the coffee they sold. The shop was the one place they would come and hang out to reminisce. In a sense the four girls reminded them of their strong friendship and bond. It was as if they were looking at a mirror anytime they saw the girls. The only thing was that these four women held a secret. It was about time they let the four younger girls know. "How are our favorite ahjumma's doing today?" "We are wonderful now that we are here." One of the women looked around and noticed they were the only ones here. "Dearie, where is everyone?" Aimee looked down as she knew that she was the reason the store was empty. "The critic came in and started treating my workers like they weren't worth the ground they walked on. I had all I could handle." One of the ladies stood up to lift her chin, looking her face over. "And you got this how?" "Asher wasn't to happy. The critic is his close friends brother. She called him that night and I met his hand." "My my, what about you? Why do you have bruises As well?" Arisa and Kristine looked at one another. "Her boyfriend got mad too. They want to leave but don't know how to. They're scared." The ladies shared glances as they pulled the girls down beside them. "We have a gift for you dears." With the ending of the sentence, they each pulled out small boxes and handed them to the sisters. "Go on, open them. This will be a helpful guide of what is out there for you four. You just have to search for it." The girls slowly opened the boxes; which revealed rings in them. Aimee pulled hers out which revealed an Art deco Era emerald ring. Her sisters were amazed with how beautiful it was. When Arisa opened hers, her heart skipped a beat. Inside her box was her favorite gemstone, an aquamarine. Jojo slowly revealed the ring with a beyond beautiful garnet, and Kristine sat there gazing at her pink sapphire. These rings were absolutely beautiful; everything about them was. "Ahjumma, are you sure?" Aimee looked over at her sisters as they sat there amazed at the beauty. "Yes Aimee we are sure. These rings are going to find you all the answers you will need. Your true loves will have something similar to these, as well as you knowing it is them. They should know too. Just trust us." The sister's began putting the rings on, finding to their amazement the perfect fit. Suddenly, Arisa's and Aimee's boyfriends showed up through the door. They walked over to the girls and snatched them up off the chair. The women stood up hitting the guys with their purses, trying to loosen their grip on the girls. Kristine and Jojo decided to hit the guys with their trays. The guys looked over and got enraged. The four women stood infront of Arisa and Aimee as they told them to leave. "Who are you hags?" "The hags who will have your family's soul if you don't leave our neices alone. That's right we know your family and we can own them. Now I suggest you leave them alone and forget they ever existed if you don't want your family to be out on the streets." The guys looked over at them and scoffed. "Fine, we don't care for them anyway. Good riddance." They walked out of the shop turning over tables. "Thank you Ahjumma. How can we repay you back?" "Trust us. Now we have to go, enjoy your rings dears." The girls closed up shop and decided to go home. Sadly, they didn't know what more would happen, but they'd try to get over it soon. Sitting in their living room, they were more tired than they realized. Sleep hit them suddenly. Aimee was awaken by her sisters frantically shaking her. "Oni! Wake up. Something happened, we aren't home." She sprung out of what used to be her couch and looked around. They were definitely not home. "What the hell? Where are we?" They all turned to see old structures that they had read about in history books; but nothing answered as to how they got there. Hearing horses in the distance spooked them to where they were faced with trying to find somewhere to hide. "Shit! A tree! We can hide behind trees." Scrambling to find a tree, they hid in time before the unknown group of people fell close to them.

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