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Ok, so I did use Jamie Oliver's recipe to make this but changed a few things with what I could find in Korea again. This tastes amazing and very easy to make. You can make this look cooler and impress guest by adding it with lettuce on a big plate. Ingredients -Duck (bought at E-mart): cut into small pieces -Chili pepper -Garlic (minced) -Spring onions -Cashew nuts -Honey -Cinnamon -Some type of all seasoning (salt&pepper should be okay) -Korean style noodles (국수) -Fresh Parsley or mugwort (쑥) or sesame leaves (couldn't find coriander in korea) -lemon -sesame oil -hoisin sauce (해선장) (you can find this at emart) Process -Spice up the duck with all seasoning and some cinnamon -In a skillet, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and fry duck, chili pepper, spring onions and garlic (cut up of course) -Add cashew nuts until toasted -Add honey to link all the ingredients together and turn off heat -Cook noodles (2mins) -Drain in cool water then add some sesame oil and mix Sauce -2~3 tablespoons of hoisin sauce -Add half of a lemon juiced into the hoisin sauce -Add minced garlic (half teaspoon or more if you like it garlicy) Noodles on a plate, duck on top, garnish with mugwort and pour sauce.
@PaulLim nommmmmm thankssss korean characters look hellaaaa comlicateddddd LOL i wish i could learn koreannnnn
@kristenadams korean noodles meaning 국수 (gooksu) flour based noodles. Ive tried this with rice & egg noodles and all are good but gooksu goes well with sesame oil...
crispy duckkkkk nommm @PaulLim can i ask what are korean style noodlessss
@roselee89 @miranpark88 It took me a while trying to find places un Korea that carry certain ungredients and Im still always on the lookout~ Emart definitely has gotten better but I still need to do more research^^
Coming from the states, it's always hard to find ingredients that are a must for some dishes. Thank you for letting us know what we can replace!
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