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Here's some Hoshi fluff requested by @mrsjeon ^-^ Hope you like it (its a day late, so sorry!)
"Y/NNNNNN!" An energetic voice yelled through your fairly large apartment. Loud knocking was heard from the other side of your locked bedroom door. "Who is it?" you asked, turning up the volume on your TV. You were watching your favorite shiw on repeat while pigging out on popcorn and a different sort of candy. "NEAGA HOSH!" You nearly spit out the soda you were drinking, and choked while laughing. "I HEAR YOU LAUGHING, SO OPEN THE DOOR." You groaned and dragged yourself out of the cozy bundle of blankets you had formed over the 3 hour period you spent watching TV. You opened the door and squealed when you were pounced on. You fell to the floor with a hyperactive Soonyoung on top of you, scattering kisses all over your face. "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH JAGIIIIII!" He yelled. You giggled, before pushing him off of you. "I could tell." He sat on his knees, his arms crossed over his chest, and on his mouth was the most adorable pout you had ever seen. "Tell me you missed me too!" He said in a whiny tone. "Nah, I'm good." You responded, crawling back over to your bed to grab the remote. But before you could grab it, a hand shot out and snatched it away. "Hey! Soonyoung, give me the remote!" "You gotta catch me first!" He yelled, as he dashed out of the room with you chasing after him. "C'mon, give it back!" You whined, trying to grab your precious remote from the evil clutches of your extremely athletic boyfriend. "Tell me you missed me! And that you love me more than that stupid show you watch!" You stopped suddenly and gasped. "Once Upon A Time is not stupid!" You felt a surge through you as you began to run again, and next thing you knew, you were on the ground with an out of breath Soonyoung under you laughing. "Wow Jagi~ Never knew you could run so fast!" He said, trying to control the little giggles slipping from his mouth. You rolled your eyes and sat up on his stomach. "Ha ha, very funny! Now give me the remote!" "No, give me a kiss first!" You looked down at Soonyoung's smug face, as he puckered his lips, waiting. "Ughhhh fine." You said, giving in to the cuteness. You placed a quick peck on his lips, making him smile, and sit up so you were now in his lap. "You know can't resist me jagi~" "Whatever, I'm gonna go finish watching my show." You said, strolling back to your room in victory. Soon your idiotic, yet adorable boyfriend joined you, and spent the rest of the day just cuddling with you in bed. Even though he didn't like the show. Hope it was good! Sorry again for the late post, and also I apologize that its a bit short! Remember, anyone can message me for a request, just tell me the band, member(s) and what you want to happen. If I don't know the group then I'll try my best. Thanks! ♡
OMO that was so cute!! I freaking love hoshi! That was awesome! 😄😄😍
@mrsjeon It was no problem at all, I'm so glad u liked it! ^-^
@Lexxcisco Thanks! 😊
IT WAS ADORABLE OMF I was smiling like an idiot XD thank u!!!!!