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YoungJae's Phenomenal Fridays(A Day Late)
Guys I apologize for not posting this card yesterday but I was having a rough day yesterday and today hasn't been any better,but I wanted to post something for you guys because honestly I love Vingle and being on here helps me a lot. So yeah I hope you guys enjoy this card and look forward to me posting my BamBam card(oneshot included)that I will post later tonight.
YoungJae is usually so sweet and cute that Inalmost forget that he can be pretty sassy at this gif set YoungJae is being sassy when Jackson say that he wants YoungJae to say that he is the god of bowling. The whole thing is just so cute especially when YoungJae sticks his tongue out at Jackson and when Jaebum hugs a sulking Jackson.
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hey.. I always enjoy your cards... and hope everything will be better.. I know how you feel some how cause Vingle also helps me a lot...hehe being in here and making cards helps me go through a lot of $*&$*$* well you know what I mean hehe.. and about that episode.. I never understood why Jackson change teams? Left my Mark alone..and I saw Mark's face when Jackson says to change with YoungJae. .
2 years ago·Reply
@luna1171 thank you so much! I try to make sure I keep them enjoyable and things like that and yeah Vingle has been my life saver!!! I wondered why he changed teams too
2 years ago·Reply
@AaliyahNewbell he said something because his pants broke or something but so what same thing right..he still played anyway. .lol
2 years ago·Reply
oh getting sassy now
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm so sassy
2 years ago·Reply