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Anyone know of some sad or tragic romance anime/manga it does have to be romance but I'd prefer it I've already seen clannad, clannad after story, the flower we saw that day, and angel beats and for the manga I'd prefer it be BL
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@MaddyScoop 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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shall I suggest mirai nikki
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Akame Ga Kill.....馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槚馃槚馃槚馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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HOLD UP HOLD UP..THIS SHIT IS THE SADDEST ANIME EVER...Hakuoki :demon of the fleeting blossoms.....馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槰馃槰馃槶馃槶
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I wouldn't call toradora sad but it's definitely emotional
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