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"Professor Layton, true English gentlemen and the world's greatest amateur super sleuth embarks on his most daring adventure yet when he receives a letter from his old student, the famous opera diva Janice Quatlane. She is to perform at the legendary Crown Petone Opera House and invites him to attend as her special guest. Meanwhile, a spate of disappearances hits London. Two young school girls are the latest victims and the Professor suspects it's related to the mysterious occurrences at the theatre. The Professor and his loyal assistant Luke travel to the Opera House to solve their toughest puzzle yet, the mystery of Eternal life!" Head over to the site to continue reading our review and find out what score we gave it.
I love Layton and the movies <33 I have a mad crush on the professor! >__<
The movie was originally released in 2009, but I believe it only recently got a UK release. I agree with you on the game, I really enjoyed them.
I am so excited for this! I just adore the Nintendo Game and now there is a movie coming out? I will stay tuned :D