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This Week in Music (May 1-7)

There were quite a few debuts this week so it was exciting for me. Comment if I missed anything!
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BTS was spitting straight “Fire” this week (pun intended). One thing BTS is good at is giving powerful performances and they don’t hold back for “Fire”. The song is not as catchy as some of their other songs but I love the emphasis they put in the verses and the pause before the chorus.
“Curveball” is the debut single from girl group Sol-T. Wow these women have a very strong vibe in this song, they remind me a little bit of GLAM. Throughout the video, I was constantly being surprised by something. The girls are clearly talented and though they are from a small company, I hope they get recognition.
MIXX is a girl group who made their debut with “Oh Ma Mind” this week. This is a very unique debut in my mind, it didn’t even feel like a debut when I heard it, and the song flowed so smoothly. The girls’ voices are very sweet sounding and overall, it is an interesting group.
I.O.I. finally released their official debut song “Dream Girls”. The song is similar to “Crush” because the chorus is peppy and catchy while the verses are the exact opposite, being more hip-hop oriented. To be honest, I like their songs but I always get confused while looking at it because there’s so many of them lol.
AKMU (Akdong Musician) has returned with a long awaited comeback. They released “How People Move” this week. The siblings release good music to say the least; this song is very lively and also shows off their vocals. An enjoyable part of AKMU’s songs is the quirky personality they have that seems to feeds off the music.
I’m not done with them yet because AKMU also released a song “Re-Bye” along with “How People Move”. This song is actually not as quirky, but is soulful and reminiscent of the styles of other singers such as Lee Hi. The song is also dramatic and suits the theatre-themed music video.
Red Sun is a duo that also debuted this week with “Hot Baby”. The song is trot-styled and the members seem to be a bit older so I was surprised that it was a debut song. The video is very comical overall and the song is nice.
Park Myung Ho released “Bed Room” ft. Gary, Digiri, and Sung Tae of Postmen. It is a soulful rap song with nice vocals. The song is smooth sounding yet fast paced while also carrying a sweet vibe.
Another release from SM Station is R3hab & XaviGi with F(Amber+Luna) “Wave”, a collaboration with SM’s new EDM label, ScreaM Records. The song is very upbeat and it is nice to hear the vocals of F(Amber+Luna). It is definitely a nice dance song.
Kim Jeong Hoon released “Marry Me Marry You” ft. Rainbow’s Hyunyoung. The song is a very sweet song that I’m not sure what genre I would classify it as, I would say dance but it’s not upbeat like most songs in that genre.
Crush released “9 to 5” ft. Gaeko this week and it is a very chill song that immediately induces swaying. The song as well as the video can be classified as being “full of swag” (not sure if swag is still a valid slang term) with Gaeko and Crush teaming up.
*Crush also released "Woo-ah" which I included so give it a listen!
Jeon Yeong Do released “Say I Love U” ft. Dalshabet’s Woohee. The duet is a very sweet song that is also calming. The two singing provide excellent skills to the song overall. The story is sweet of a couple who remembers the time they were together.
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