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I'm not sure how to respond to this but, I like his idea, but I don't want to see a Korean celebrity naked. That's just too much! Like, it's bad enough that he wants to show off his body while he is still young, but don't show off your sex organ! That's just gross! For more information, click the like here: this link was brought to you by @kpopandkimchi
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korean naked is like the top of his butt lol there is no full frontal in the shinhwa ones so dont worry to much.
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@VixenViVi well, Monsta X could be different!
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I think I'd rather just see most of his body, mostly abs and V line rather than seeing his ummm ya. But I doubt they'd ever actually show that part of his body since that would be considered porn. But I guess I'll encourage(?) him since it's his desicion.
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@CrookedShadow yeah, I'd consider his opinion as well, but you never know what they're gonna do with this concept!
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@MaggieHolm That's true cx
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