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Ramt: Soooo we just got cannon episodes again and next week once again they going back to filler mode. ... I'm getting reallly sick of this. I love Naruto n I'm glad the anime hasn't ended quite yet but this has gone on long enough . The manga has ended, we have Boruto Mamga now and a Boruto movie. ENOUGH FILLERS!! PLEASE END IT!! ughh.. I get it Naruto brings in the money you need it to stay afloat but this has been dragged out for too long now. I would love to see it finally end. It's just annoying now. Like IDK what this is anymore. Uhhh
this is how I feel right now.
I agree with you >_< enough
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I'm okay with the filler for the sole purpose that I will literally cry for days when the anime finally ends.. Lol
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