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Violence Foul language fantasy Angst sorry no smut romance


(Vixx X reader) hybrids were made but three went missing and who killed Dr. Su? could it be his own creation of hybrids or someone else who was out to get him? and what happens when you fall in love with a hybrid and you cant tell if he good or bad? can you really trust him... or fear him?
Everything went silent, the only sound that was made was the sound of the wind howling as it blow through the full moon night sky, and the sound of her heart beat quickky speeding up. (Y/N) tried to gasp for air but the grip of Ravi hand on her neck kept getting tighter.(Y/N) couldn't believe that this was really the Ravi she thought she knew. How could it be that the sweet kind and gentle fellow with the most kindest eyes she ever seen, is this monster that stares at her with these blood shot eyes that look of a beast that hungry and ready to catch it's prey. Ravi grins as he watches as (Y/N) eyes get watery and tears slowly streaming down, what use to be her Rosie pink cheeks that are now slowly losing its color. "Let her go!" A voice echoed through the wind. (Y/N) tried to focus her sight with all the strength she had left. but it was to hard as the oxygen to her brain was decreasing. all she could see was a blurry figure floating in mid air. "Ravi Don't do this!" the Voice hollered again. The tone of his voice was Vaguely Familiar. (Y/N) knows she heard this voice before, but where she tried to figure out who could it be but the lack of oxygen was getting worse as everything was beginning to fade out and the sound of her heart beat slowly losing its pace. was this really the end for (Y/N)? Is Ravi really going to end her life now? tell me does it hurt... to feel your heart breaking... the words echoed in her mind as tears fill and as she slowly begins to close her eyes. but before she could complete shut them Ravi hand release his grip as she goes flying to the ground. (Y/N) quickly and desperately grasp for air as she squirm around on ground gripping onto her chest. slowly and weakly (Y/N) tries to stand up her vision was still a blur. All she could see was two figures and what look like they were fighting. (Y/N) rubs her eyes as she slowly begins to get she vision back. (Y/N) gasped and her eyes widen. she knew that voice seem familiar but she never would have expect it to be his... "What are you doing ravi?" the hybrid grunted "What we should have done along time ago" Ravi growled as he kicked the other hybrid off of him. Ravi pounce on top of the hybrid. Ravi balls up his fist as he quickly punches him one after another. the movement of his fist was so fast-paced it was hard to see them. "N-NO S-STOP!!" (Y/N) struggled to yell but Ravi didn't not flinch a muscle at the sound of her screaming. "YOUR GOING TO KILL HIM! RAVI PLEASE!" ( Y/ N) cried out desperately. but still Ravi paid no mind as he continued punching the life out of the other hybrid. "please Ravi this isn't you... your going to kill him... RAVI!! YOUR GOING TO KILL HIM" she hollered with all the air she had left as she collapsed to the ground onto her knees. "R-ravi... don't let it control you" the hybrid huffed, suddenly Ravi stops as his eyes fill with sorrow and regret. he covers his mouth with his hands as he quickly sits up on his knees. "What did I do?" his lips quivers. "don't do this please open your eyes... please... I'm sorry..." Ravi shakes the hybrid weak body. "N please wake up!" Ravi cries. (Y/N) slowly crawls over to Ravi as she places her hand on his shoulder. Ravi was startled as his body jolts up. "I've become a monster again!" Ravi sobs. "No Ravi it wasn't your fault you couldn't control it" ( Y/N) comfort him. "look at what I've done (Y/N)! I've hurt so many people and now look at what I've done to N!" Ravi barked. "You didn't mean too" (Y/N) protested. " whether I did or didn't I still hurt others. I'm not save I'm a ticking bomb ready to go off whenever" Ravi facial expressions was filled with agony and self judgment. N slowly grunted as he slowly open his eyes. Ravi help N sit up as N rubbed the back of his neck. "Damn my neck really hurts" N chuckles. Ravi and (Y/N) just glare at him. this wasn't the time for anyone to play games. "This way I heard voices" A group of armed officers hollered. "You guys need to hurry up and get out of here" (Y/N) said as she quickly help Ravi get N back on to his feet. "Why are you helping us?" Ravi asked with guilt "Because I know your not a bad guy" (Y/N) gently caressed Ravi cheek. N quickly pulled Ravi away as they both took off jumping high and hovering above houses. a group of man dress in full black surround (Y/N) as they point their weapon at her. "You've let them escape!" officer Kim woo shouted as his officer toss (Y/N) into a jail cell. "Do you know what type of monster they are!" he barked again slamming his palms onto his desk. "THEIR NOT MONSTER!!" (Y/N) growled. "silence!" An officer shouts as he hits (Y/N) with his bat knocking her down on all fours. "look at how pitiful you look right now (Y/N) tsk tsk tsk... you've become such a disappointment" Kim woo said with a unsatisfied tone of voice while he grabs her by her jaw. (Y/N) snatched her chin from his grip as she glare at him. "You wretch girl I took you in when your parents died and this is how you repay me!" Kim woo shouts as he smacks (Y/N) across her face with the back of his hand leaving a bright red mark on her cheek. "I never ask you to help me" (Y/N) slurs "you dare talk back to me!" Kim woo grabs a hold of her hair as he drags her on the ground. Kim woo tosses her onto a wooden chair and chaining her up. (Y/N) squirms around as she tries to break free. she notice what type of chair she was siting on. it was hook up with metal wires and plugged into different machine that look like they created electricity. on the other end was a wire leading towards a lever were a man dress in leather black and a mask to cover his whole face and head. "You want to help a hybrid you'll die like a hybrid" Kim woo growled as his voice cracked with anger. "bring in the shots" he ordered as two man with long white coat walked in from each side. they began to injected some type of chemical within (Y/N). (Y/N) blood felt like it was literally boiling up, her skin felt as if it was on fire, her bones weaken almost if they were melting and her head began to pound so hard it felt like her brain was about to pop. was this really the way they killed a hybrid? such painful agonizing sufferment. (Y/N) look up over to officer Kim woo and smirked. Kim woo frown his brow as he seem confused. "any last words?" he asked her with his hand already placed on the handle. "We'll meant again in our after life! and even then I'll get my vengeance!" she howled as the wind blow and sky darken and the ground shook. officer Kim woo pulled the handle and watched as (Y/N) body shook and wiggled as she slowly begins to close her eyes. and with one last breathe she whispered. "Ravi save me..." Ravi stop mid way across the country as he hears (Y/N) voice. suddenly he feel a sudden aching in his chest and this empty feeling within. what could have cause him to suddenly feel as if he was missing a piece of himself? "Ravi why did you stop?" N asked Ravi who was looking out to the distance. "Something happen to (Y/N)..." Ravi began to tear up as he gripped his chest. "Why do you say that?" N walks over to him as he still is unsure if what's going on in Ravi head. "I can't sense her presence...and her scent has disappeared... as if she has left this world.." tears begin to fall from Ravi sorrowful eyes. "Ravi we have to keep running" N pulls Ravi from his arm. Ravi takes a deep breathe and glance over the blue ocean. "I'll find you again someday (Y/N) I promise" Ravi whispers into the wind.

Many years later

Monday may 7th 2016. there was once said that years ago around 1817 there use to be beast like monster that a man had created. he called them hybrids One day these 'hybrids' turned bad and attacked the professor/Dr. they looked for these hybrids years after years and not one was found some say it was just a illustration from all the toxic chemicals the Dr had been working with. other say he was going insane. may people had witness these hybrids but refuse to believe in their existence. these hybrids have eternal life and forever stay looking young. years and years pass and people began to forget about them. they became a horror story parents told their kids at night when they misbehaved. there is still people who still believe that these hybrids still exists and that they could be walking amongst us or along with us. The reason no one knows who they are is because they've learn to follow the trend and camouflage with everyone else. they look just like every other human being that is why everyone believe that these hybrids where make believe because they've learn to hide their ability from everyone. but there another story involved that no one wish to tell a story of a young girl who fill deeply in love with a hybrid name Ravi they hid their relationship from everyone around but one day their romance was broken to the ground as the hybrid Ravi was under a spell but when he opened his eyes he soon realized he held the love of his life by the neck. but thanks to his friend N another hybrid who broke him from his spell Ravi didn't kill her. she knew it wasn't really him and forgave him as she risk her own life to protect them and help them escape. She was soon killed by a man named Kim woo the head officer. she swore her vengeance as her last words. Ravi never knew of her death until many years later. He learn why he suddenly felt that empty feeling that day. ever since Ravi hid from world and work as a regular human being. every single day he died inside as he made friends who died as they aged but he never seem to change. Imagine everyone you love soon dies and leaves you behind. Ravi learn to not get attached as the year pass N left to find the rest of the hybrids but still no success. they swore that he'd find the person who killed his master. as Ravi swore to never love again. no one knew of the other hybrids, has they were never found. only these two had a story that was past down from generation to generation. Ravi and N lived a peaceful life until today. when (Y/N) officially turns 20 years old. today was the day history replayed it's self.

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