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Alright, so this weekend I finally managed to binge watch the released episodes of some series I've been meaning to watch!

And wow, was I surprised by how much I enjoyed this Slice of Life anime!

It is definitely a slice of life kind of show.

We're following Tanaka-kun and his friends as he tries to live the most uneventful, boring life possible. Can't we all relate to wanting to live like that?! Somehow, while he tries to live so uneventfully (and, well, does) it's just really, really fun to watch!

The characters are great!

As Tanaka-kun's circle expands, we get to meet more and more interesting characters who all have their own quirks. Seriously, it's hilarious to see how all their weird bits interact with each other.

The animation makes the humor even better.

The way they change frames is every great!

The humor is glorious!

Slice of life isn't always hilarious. This is hilarious in a very genuine way, to me. It's like...I could see my life devolving (evolving?) into this and that makes everything that is funny about 10x funnier!

Tanaka-kun & Ohta-kun's friendship is beautiful.

Seriously. Tanaka doesn't even have to run to school with bread in his mouth, Ohta carries him! Lol so Funny & great. Also Tanaka keeps saying his ideal wife is Ohta never fails to amuse me, lol.

Who else is loving this show?!

Yes, most people will live a more fulfilling life than Tanaka but do they really win for oding so? I don't think so!!!!
looks like I for another anime to watch...YES!!!
didn't realize they made an anime of this. good to know.
I love this manga and anime馃槉
looks like Hyouka without the curiosity
Is it on Hulu?
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