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Heyo ladies and gents! Ever come across a question like this, but with a different topic, or just a weapon comparisons and such? Recently I've watched a lot of game theory on YouTube (if you haven't seen him, I suggest you check him out. Like, now. He's a amazing youtuber that works really hard to come up with the information he comes up with just for your entertainment) where on this show, they take details like weapons, being over sized or sci-fi related, people, powers, and everything else and see if it's physically possible for things like that to happen. Example: on one such episode, they figured out the science of master chiefs armor and discussed why he would die from a melee hit in the game, but can survive nukes straight to his face as well! This is a very bad explanation of the show. It involves so much more science and interesting math of the physics of these objects and topics. If anyone could describe it better in the comments, that'd be amazing. <3 Seeing this, I though. "Why not a anime show like this!" and so, Science and Anime is born! Have any question on how a anime characters weapon works? How does Ruby's scythe from Rwby switch from a scythe to a gun so fast? What kind of material is it made out of to have a hollow staff/barrel and still be strong enough to swing that over sized blade? How come anime gods can get KO'D by a human girls smack but destroy a planet bigger then the one she's on? How tough REALLY are the lesser known characters? How much more useful is one characters power in the real world then the other? What would happen if a death note was in braille? (thatd be tough to explain XD) would win in a real world fight with science explaining their powers, Naruto or luffy? All these questions and more! So please, fill, yes, fill the comments with these questions! Like the one you want explained the most and I'll do my best with research and my nerdy brain to explain the best to my possibilities! Sometimes it takes a team to help figure out some mysteries, so if you wanna help and join my analyzing team to find the truth behind things like why are neko girls tails their *cough cough* fun spots *cough cough* and more, pm me, give me some details about how you'd be helpful with this, and you may just join my team. Let's answer all these important questions together! Now, Let's put these questions to bed faster then things get weird when someone walks into the room when your over fan service filled anime screams "N~no, don't touch me there!"
ahh, I don't think people are reading past the picture XD
no I didn't
but superman could move earth