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If I could choose anyone for my Squad, it would be these guys. Yaaaaasssss. Tell me who you would choose for your squad. Can be anyone, dead, alive, real or fiction. @danidee @CreeTheOtaku @alywoah @InVinsybll @EasternShell @marshalledgar @YourConscience @malachiburrie @Animaniafreak @arnelli @gabbycalzada @jessicaferrier @buddyesd @poojas If I forgot to tag you, please forgive me!! Everyone is more than welcome to play!
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My squad would be...Cher, Pinkie Pie, @CreeTheOtaku, Snuffie the Snuffleupagus, and all those soot things with the eyeballs from Spirited Away/My Neighbor Totoro.
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My squad would be Eren, @danidee, the moose from invader zim, a korean rapper, and Captian America (because why not?)
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@CreeTheOtaku WHICH KOREAN RAPPER THO??? Yurrica???
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee Zico or Ravi
2 years ago·Reply
@CreeTheOtaku Yasssss.
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