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안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat here with a very special installment of Your Daily MV Hook Up!! We all have one.... or in cases like mine we are one ourselves.... Moms... Since today is Mother's Day I only saw it fitting to make a special shout out to all the mothers out there. I will not be posting just one random MV today but a nice list of songs for mothers. These songs do not really have MVs (well most of them), but I figured that I could make an exception for today.
I have picked out a nice mix of artists including TOP, Super Junior D&E, Infinite, Girl's Generation, G.O.D, and a cover done by 2PM. I hope you enjoy today's card!
First I decided to throw in an oldie but goodie. This song is by H.O.T, a very popular old school Kpop group. I know some of you have no idea who they are, but they are one of many groups that helped pave the way to what kpop is today for your idols.
Next we have the sweet vocals of one of Kpops most well known girl groups Girl's Generation. This song is beautiful and does a great job of showing the love between a daughter and her mother. I can't help but sing along every time I hear this number.
Next we have the sweet lulling vocals of Super Junior D&E.... These two just.... sigh... I love their vocals and couldn't help but add this song for mom to this list. They tell their mothers just how much they love them and go along to even thank them. This is a fantastic song for Mother's Day and was one of the first I thought about when I started making this list.
If we are going to have the perfect show of a daughters love for her mother then shouldn't we have the love from a son to his mother too? This song is by Infinite. I love this song because I feel it really is honest. At some point we all just stopped saying I love you to our mothers. We grow up and get busy, we start lives of our own with children of our own and sometimes we don't remember to show our love to our parents because we just assume they know. I love this song and believe it was very fitting for this list.
Start with complete honesty to your feelings add some rock, and top it off with the vocals and rap of TOP and you have a fantastic song for Mom. This song is very touching and I feel it really portrays TOP's feelings to his mother. I felt this was another perfect pick for this list. Plus..... it's TOP.. How could I not add him? I mean... he is well... TOP... enough said.... *Goes back to staring at video*......
You cannot... I repeat... cannot have a Mother's Day song list without this classic. G.O.D To My Mother. This song is so sad and heartfelt but again it is honest. Most people know this song, and it was again introduced to the younger crowd on EXO 902014. As you can see in the music video... yes... that is Suho. The boys remade the music videos for 90s songs and then would present them to the actual artists. If you haven't watched the show I would highly recommend it.
As a bonus..... I have 2PM doing a cover of the original G.O.D song. This is my favorite cover of To My Mother... but then again I love 2PM and their amazing vocals... so I am slightly biased. :P
I hope you all enjoyed today's MV hook up. Was their any Kpop songs for Mom I didn't add to this list that you thought should have been put on? Let me know in the comments.
And from one mother to the next HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! You are amazing and beautiful. If you aren't a mother? Well then go give your mama a hug and make sure she knows you love her . Tell her you appreciate everything she does for you... because the truth is, she gives her everything for you.
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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happy mothers day
@VeronicaArtino Thanks Sweetie! Happy Mothers Day to you as well.