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As the tittle reads he is the golden boy that can do every thing. He is good at sports, dancing, rapping, etc, He is also stealing ARMYs hearts. I know that for sure since this noona has her heart stolen every day by him. My first impression of this kid was "I'm not going there he is younger then me." However, that hasn't help much as he has grown over the three years we have known him.
This kid I swear is mentally unstable at times. One minute he is seducing the camera to giving us his signature smile. At times i think he is like my brother. Both of them are the same age however Jungkook is old by a month. My brother he deals with me and my love for these boys. He has told me that he could see himself being just like Jungkook.*face palm* I can handle one Jungkook not two. Like I said is mentally unstable and there is a video that I shared to show that he is. I have watch the video many times and each time the part when he act manly to watch us ARMYs up gets me all the time. (:52-1:00 the part with him being manly.)
Jungkook is still a kid. Yes all the members are a kid at heart but Jungkook is still a kid who gets bored easily. He loves making fun of his hyungs, who in return give him payback. Mostly to Jimin who is only trying to be nice. However he acts like a kid along with looking like a bunny. Though he has grown and this noona is not ready for him to grow up quite yet.
Like I said he has grown up a lot and how i am not ready. Since BTS debut this young man i really going up to were at times you don't think that he is the youngest member. Out of all the member's you can see that purty hit him pretty hard to where he steals hearts from every ARMY. Now he isn't the only one within BTS that puberty hit. I have noticed that when he says that he is 'ugly' I so want to yell at him telling him that he is not. I hate when he does that.
We all know the close relationships he has with V and Jimin. Now I will say again that i admire how close they are. I just love on how Jimin tries his best to get Jungkook's attention and Jungkook wants nothing to do with Jimin half the time. However as much as he is close to all the boys I wish that one day he starts dating. I know it will take along time for all of us to get use to when that day comes. When that day comes that girl will be lucky if he doesn't freeze when she's walks by or talks to him. He is shy and it's cute. Jungkook I hope and wish when the day comes when you start dating we all will be proud of you. However just don't grow up to fast.
There you have it the last member for BTS week. I hope you guys enjoyed each card. I would put more for Jungkook, however his is the Golden Maknae and he can almost do everything.
AYE AYE AYE he's already married
@Mbrooks19 That's your man fam. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
@Brawner13 😍😍πŸ”₯