So the other day I read this post, and I decided not to make a big deal out of it, because I'm 20, and I'm supposed "Mature" about it!....But I can't stop thinking about that post! The Kpoper on IG (I think) basically wrote that he/she wishes that other Kpopers stop shipping KIdols because they're humans, and not objects...But like.........You know exactly what you're getting yourself into sweetheart! 1. Shipping people together is a worldwide thing, ok! TV, Movies, Celebrities all over the world are getting shipped on a daily basis! 2. It's never going to stop, there's just too many of us that actually like shipping ppl together, and some Idols even ship other people as well! 3. If you're so bothered by it, why have a kpop fan page, knowing that's all you're going to see down your timeline!?! 4. Get out of the fandom, if it bothers you that damn bad! 5. Like why are you still here!?!
OMG preach! Amen! lol girl you right
Ships are all in good fun. Some sail, some sink. *sob sob * But asking for it to go away is nearly IMPOSSIBLE!!! I mean have you met some of these idols? 😧