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Sorry I remember that I was supposed to find a Fluff since JB was requested but this was tense fluff. So Enjoy!
And JB FIGHTING! :) Get Better Soon!

IM BACK AND READY for BTS Fluff Week next week!! So please tell me what BTS Member should go first.

Your heart should have been beating a mile a minute, but it felt like it was frozen in place. Your hands shook, knuckles turning pale as you squeezed the steering wheel of your car. In such a turbulent emotional state, you shouldn’t have been driving… but you needed to find him. You needed to find JB.
The lights from your car illuminated the street, breaking the darkness. Your eyes flickered around erratically, searching the sidewalks desperately for your boyfriend’s figure.
JB had hurt his back while at practice a few days prior. It had happened just before Got7 started their big tour, and JB was in so much pain and at risk of making it worse, that there was no way he would be able to participate in the concerts.
He had been absolutely devastated and in his rage, slammed his fist against a wall. The strain of his action had gone right to his back, causing his face to twist in pain and his body to give out. You had been there for every second of it, holding his head in your lap as he groaned in pain, squeezing his eyes shut.
It just… it wasn’t okay. To see him in that kind of pain, it felt like your heart was being shattered into a million pieces. When you had finally gotten him to the hospital, you had fallen asleep, your head resting on JB’s legs.
You shouldn’t have fallen asleep. You should have been there for JB the second he woke up, so you could hold him, let him vent out his frustration and sadness as he clung on to you for dear life. You should have been there to listen intently, rubbing circles on his back with your pointer finger. Because when you had woken up, people were in panic. JB was missing.
Tears started to prick at your eyes, blurring your vision. You blinked them back frantically. As your sight cleared up, a flash of red caught your attention. You pressed down on the break, the tires squealing to a halt. There was a figure with it’s back to you, wearing a bright red sweatshirt. Finally you felt your heart pick up again, beating so hard you thought it might break your ribs. The figure was limping, holding one hand to it’s back.
You burst out of the car, leaving it in park in the middle of the road. You didn’t care if someone walked up and stole it. All you cared about was getting to JB.
“JB!” You yelled, your voice cracking from the lump that had lodged in your throat. JB’s head whipped around, his eyes widening when he saw you. Your legs moved by themselves, running toward him. You wanted to just jump on him and envelope him in a hug, but you didn’t want to hurt him.
Instead, when you were close enough you reached up, cupping both his soft cheeks with your hands, rubbing the skin with your thumb. The first tear rolled down your cheek.
“Why did you disappear?” You whispered, your words trembling along with your body. JB’s eyes were unreadable, his expression stoic. Then his eyelids fluttered shut and he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against your shoulder.
“This shouldn’t have happened,” he said, his voice so quiet that you barely heard it. A sigh of relief escaped your lungs at the fact that JB was talking to you after holding in his feelings for days. “I need to hurry up and heal. What if something happens to the boys and they need me? What if the fans think I let them down? No. I did let them down,” JB murmured against you.
You shook your head as you stroked the back of his head, running your fingers through his dark hair.
“You can’t push yourself. The boys will hold their own until they get their leader back, and you did not let the fans down. They’re all worried about you too, hoping that you get better for you own sake,” You said. JB’s grip tightened on you, and you were able to feel his shoulders shaking slightly.
“I don’t want them to worry. I want them to be happy,” he whispered. He was so stubborn sometimes. He would place the blame on himself and refuse to put it anywhere else.
“Seeing you recover slowly but surely will make them happy. They’re always thinking positive thoughts for you… and so am I. I’ll be right by your side through everything,” you said firmly.
JB pulled away from you, the lack of his body warmth causing you to shiver. He tried to keep his expression steady, but you saw that his eyelashes were wet. With the pad of your thumb, you gently dabbed away the wetness. After a long pause, JB nodded.
Relief flooded you like adrenaline as JB slung his arm over your shoulder and allowed you to take on some of his weight as you lead him to the car. Gently, you sat him down in the passenger seat, your heart constricting as he winced.
“The doctor’s are going to be mad,” you said when you placed yourself back in the drivers seat and turned up the heater. “What were you trying to do?” JB looked down at his hands and fidgeted with his fingers in embarrassment.
“They said I’ll need physical therapy, so I decided to go for a walk and get a head start so I would heal quicker. I was going to come back,” he grumbled. A smile spread onto your lips for the first time in days, admiring how determined JB was.
“The doctor’s said to stay put! You need to listen, stubborn boy!” Your tone of voice was more lighthearted in an attempt to cheer JB up. His eyes met yours and for a second he looked flabbergasted at you, but soon his face split into a toothy grin. You felt your cheeks warm up.
“You know it’s what you love about me. And I love you,too.” JB said. So he didn’t have to, you leaned in to be closer to JB. Your eyes fluttered shut as you placed a soft kiss onto his lips.
Taking one of his hands in yours and placing the other on the steering wheel, you began the short drive back to the hospital. You had meant every word you had said earlier. You were going to be by his side the whole time.


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This makes me feel so sad because I hope JB doesnt feel like he is letting down the fans! I vote Namjoon
I vote for jimjinraphopekookuga
Poor leader, I was so heartbroken to hear what happened to him I just wanted to hug him and tell him to heal and that everything is gonna be okay.... oh and I vote J-Hope!
Awww! And I vote Jin ^^
vote for jin
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