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Came across this video today, couldn't stop laughing XD
Now, in case you're still confused about what Pot of Greed does....this video got you covered.
I never had this many Pot of Greed cards when I played Yugioh (yes, there was a time in my life when I used to compete :P), but I can't say I've ever gotten THIS into the card. Anyways, the card was banned for use after a while anyways (because it's ridiculous overpowered and probably shouldn't have existed anyways) but hey, the card still has such great memories, don't you think?!
Oh my god! This card brings back memories (both Pot of Greed, and this one you created) oh the dueling days/yugi duels. I still have my spellcaster, and infernity decks. Btw you always make great cards. Kudos to you @hikaymm
@Bmondragon93 Thanks XD
that brought me back memories before it got banned and the new rules kicked in
I don't think it's that good but it can give someone that slight advantage
In the official rule book for yugioh you can only have 2 pot of greed cards in a deck, so it should've been impossible to play so many XD
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