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Came across this video today, couldn't stop laughing XD
Now, in case you're still confused about what Pot of Greed does....this video got you covered.
I never had this many Pot of Greed cards when I played Yugioh (yes, there was a time in my life when I used to compete :P), but I can't say I've ever gotten THIS into the card. Anyways, the card was banned for use after a while anyways (because it's ridiculous overpowered and probably shouldn't have existed anyways) but hey, the card still has such great memories, don't you think?!
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I don't think it's that good but it can give someone that slight advantage
I had 2 in my orginial deck!!! I actually miss the old rules and cards. I don't like all this new crap they have!
Oh my god! This card brings back memories (both Pot of Greed, and this one you created) oh the dueling days/yugi duels. I still have my spellcaster, and infernity decks. Btw you always make great cards. Kudos to you @hikaymm
@Bmondragon93 Thanks XD
that brought me back memories before it got banned and the new rules kicked in