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Alright. This. Show. How am I still watching this show?! I mean, I don't really drop shows often, but I came close with this one because it's just so freaking ridiculous that I can't deal with it. But somehow that ridiculousness is turning into intrigue and mystery and gah I can't stop watching!!!
(*spoilers through episode 6 after this break*)

It was nice to get some backstory, but it was also a bit strange.

I mean, we got to see more about why certain characters act how they do, but the pace was SO different from other episodes that it was a little jolting.

It did finally shed some light on what they're seeing.

They're all seeing their darkest secrets / fears like some of us suspected. But WHAT is causing it? That part is still really unclear...

And what was it that Masaki wanted to tell Mitsumune?

And what's HIS fear? I mean we saw some of it before, but as much as I like the survivalists & Lovepon, I want to here about these two more!!!

As usual, can't wait for next week's episode!!!

And for more Valkana / Koharun love <3
exactly what I thought... after all that happened if I don't get a little clarity I might just drop it @hikaymm
@JosephCannon @PASCUASIO Yeah, I feel you both. I'm like confused and hate it but also somehow hooked and intrigued?? Not sure if I'll keep being as interested as I was to be honest, I think this is the week that's gonna make or break it....
I binged it all the way to episode 6 yesterday, and let me just say it wasn't easy getting through all of it. it's starting to get a bit weird and not making much sense.
I'm losing my interest in this one...
I'm strangely intrigued with this show. Might just be me but I love weird shows like this. I think by time it ends everything will fit together perfectly..that's just my thoughts.