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this past week a few of us have been upset with allkpop with them giving us good news about BTS along with some bad news. just a few minutes ago a fellow ARMY who works with allkpop along with reporting some news about BTS shared her thoughts of what has been going on this week. Now I know that yesterday I shared my thoughts about what's been going on this whole entire week and truly it is sad what has been going on this whole entire week with the good and the bad. Yesterday I was expressing how I was feeling and I've never expressed this much about a group of boys that I care so much for. This fellow ARMY on allkpop shared her thoughts exactly what I have been feeling this past week and I'm sure other ARMYS have been feeling as well. she also shared her thoughts of what has been going on for the past few years with these boys. she even shares about a time some of these boys will go on these websites and see these posts. Jin, he has seen them and posted about being happy. Now that shows how much these boys see on what we do post. We may not know it but to know that these boys see on what we post could hurt them. These boys have been with us for three years and it's sad to know that just reading something online can make or break them. As their third year coming up I hope that this year along with more year's to come that we'll share with them will be really fun and awesome years were no nobody puts them down. Here is the link to read the full article.
this bullshit is getting out of hand, but you know what they say, "when you see someone jealous, that is a sign that you are doing something right"
I love them so much...
I wish that with their great success didn't have so much negative along with it. I hope they remember how much ARMYs love them.