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Hello, good people! The King of Romance here, and first let me apologize for my absence. there has been much discontent in my own personal kingdom of late, beginning a new economical stability program (a job), finding out that program isn't going to work on its own, stress and anxiety reign supreme and have taken it's toll on me. I can't spend as much effort or time in creating content here, nor can I continue growing and learning about all you fantastic people as often as I'd like, so my fantasy romance and fun ive been having here has had to become a non priority, which hurts and stresses me out all the more. But alas I don't mean to ramble on about my sad story, we are here for fun! And fun we shall have, I apologize secondly for my lateness but for the above mentioned reaons I couldn't get to WW on time. I, with a humble heart, do beseech your forgiveness.
Purple is the most beautiful color in my opinion. It once upon a when was the rarest of all dyes, and so royalty would dawn it as a testament of their wealth and prowess, proving they could afford such a rare dye for their clothing. It's the color of our souls, and any good soul associated magic will always be a dark purple hue, and it just, speaks to me of rare power, subtly beauty, and sublime aesthetic wonder.
I've selected five girls with purple hair that have struck me, and I'll highlight them.
Kiyal Bachika, the youngest of the Black Sisters, from Gurren Lagann. Kiyal is cute, spunky, tenacious, and spiritied. She is pretty, got those sharp canines that I find irrisitable, and her lovely and long purple hair made me remember her. She was also the only Black Sister not to have any romance connections in Gurren Lagann, and so I think she'd make a fine princess of Romance ;)
Blair, a.k.a The Witch Blair, the monster neko with crazy magical powers from Soul Eater. Oh Blair, this girl is crazy fierce and poweful. Both magically and, ahem, physically and I don't mean she packs a mean right hook, although I bet you she does. She's super gorgeous and with a body that just don't quit, even if you asked it to nicely. She's not waifu material, she is to much of a ditz and flaunts her prowess far to freely for me to feel kinship to her, but she's definitely a favorite violet hair vixen of mine.
Tohka Yatogami, a.k.a Princess, the first and one of the most powerful Spirits from Date A Live. This girl is just the sweetest, prettiest violet vixen on my list. She's so lovely, her hair is just so long and gorgeous I'd just get lost in it for days, her eyes match the tint of her hair, she is so kind hearted but also naive in the ways of the world which make her seem dumb but she's curious in nature and very smart, when she learns about things after the fact lol. She can eat like a horse but is as pretty as a pony. If I didn't like her so much with Shido she'd be a Kings Waifu Candidate for sure.
next to last but not in the least, Shinoa Hiragi, from Owari no Seraph. Shinoa is a smart ass, tough, feisty little thing. Her hair is a lovely light violet and she just has this attitude I'm inexplicably drawn to. She's waifu, my first choice on this list. Something about her just screams, oh you could have me, but first, first you'll work for it. yes ma'am!
Mizore Shirayuki The ice fairy yokai from Rosario + Vampire. She was my favorite girl instantly, her sultry voice, her unique style, her purple ness lol, it just drew me in. she's the least insane of most stalker girls and she could stalk me anytime lol. Waifu for sure.
Sorry I couldn't go more in depth in exposition my people, the King is weary and sadly none of my Waifus cannot be here in my arms to revitalize me. Be well, my good people, keep on loving with all your hearts and pine for that which makes you happy, real or not, for that is the nature of Romance, to inspire unreal feelings and turn fairy tales until a real life dream. tagging the WW crew: @hikaymm @Yatosgirl @InVinsybll @NeckoNecko @ShinigamiSan @assasingod @tayhar18920 @Danse @kawaiiporpoise @pervysagex @Colonellinguis @JessicaFerrier @AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ @AshChrimson @Silverfang @AdamDean anyone else in WW? hmu if I missed ya. these are the ones I wrote down. Enjoy and good night my people!
@SAMURXAI Medaka Box and Medaka Box Abnormal.
I totally forgot about Kiyal Bachika!! You're right man, her little fangs are irresistible!! She's to adorable!
@SAMURXAI I hope ya feel better soon!
it's real... my wife had to have a reduction from J to DDD
@SAMURXAI @BlackoutZJ same... I think it is real, but from what understand, its usually just fat.
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