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So , I recently picked this up after finishing Tokyo Ghoul and ive gotta say. It HURTS. Like emotionally 😭. I'm on chapter 19, but all the feels just hit me hard.

Btw Spoilers Ahead:

(If you hadn't gotten to chapter 19 or something πŸ‘Œ)

I definitely feel bad for Haise and all but Omg I want kaneki back... I mean, I like Haise, don't get me wrong , but after literally going thru 143 chapters with Kaneki, and he just suddenly comes back like that , ! Omg and when he first came out, I could feel my heart , it was so bad ass too!, that fighting scene! And when I saw Nishino and the rest I was just so sad, especially when Haise just starts crying in the coffe shop. Also when Urie said that Haise was "Just a ghoul" and he went back to his room and cried πŸ’”. Pain. Pure Pain. Seeing all the old characters come back is just heartbreaking and Touka looks like she changed SO much , (so did hinami tho) and I hadn't seen Shuu yet but I'm pretty excited too, seeing as how they're saying he's become so obsessed with Kaneki he would destroy himself. *sigh* can't wait for THT! So Ik this was short but hey, I've just barely begun.

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(Btw I have a question, so when Urie speaks with parentheses does that mean he's mumbling or something..?) Thanks for reading and 'Til next time <3.

lol it's get way better in the newer issues
I like to say any spoilers but I don't know