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JiminxReader Life was great. You had everything you ask for. Health, family, love, success, everything seemed wonderful and like there was nothing that could ruin that for you.. So you thought.. . . . "READY BABE!?" You yell out while opening the front door to your apartment ready to head to work, like everyday, it was already routine. "YEAH! ILL BE RIGHT THERE!" Jimin yells from the bedroom, getting the last few things he needed for practice.
You and Jimin met two years ago at Big Hit headquarters. You are a dance instructor and during the time you met you were helping choreograph a dance for bts called Dope. Long story short, you both bonded over dancing and for a year and a half now you two have been in an amazing relationship.
You both finally are headed out the door and you ask "So, who drives today?" as you lock up the apartment "I'll drive" he says as he is scrambling with his things "Hahaha I think you have enough things to worry about, I'll do it" you help him get situated and he laughs a little "Heh yeah, I think you should" "Do you have everything?" You ask "Yeah, I should, c'mon lets go" You both head out and we're off to work It's been about 5 hours into the day and you were teaching the boys a new dance for their comeback "AHHHH!" Namjoon yells at the top of his lungs in agony "This is really too difficult, even more so than the Dope choreography!" The rest of them were just laughing at him "C'mon Joonie, all we gotta do is practice" you try and encourage him "Yeah hyung, if a girl can do it, you should be able to" Jungkook starts to tease him "Why you little" Namjoon starts chasing Jungkook around and out the practice room Everyone is now laying on the floor laughing, laying on the floor because they are all tired, laughing because Jungkook is a little rascal "Okay, everyone, break time. Go get something to eat and be back here at 2" "Yes!! Food!" Jin yells as he and the rest of the boys are practically already headed out the door You and Jimin stay there, you pack lunch for the both of you everyday and eat in the practice room floor, picnic style. He starts to set out the blanket you both sit on and you get the food "So how do you like the new choreography?" You ask He starts to laugh "It's difficult, not gonna lie, but it's really awesome." "Yeah" you set out the food and begging to serve him "but I think you'll be able to get it. That's why I decided to put you in the center front for this part of the dance" He stops and looks shocked "what? Really?!" "Hahaha yeah, I believe that you'll be great, plus you'll kill all the ladies with your moves" "Gah, babe, really?" He is getting excited now "thank you, that's awesome!" He kisses you and you both are ready to start eating "I will eat well!" He says extra happy today You giggle at his excitement and repeat back "I will also ea.." *BRRRRRRING* Your phone cuts you off You both look at each other confused and a bit uneasy because you hardly ever get phone calls. You only get them when there is an emergency. You didn't really know what to do or think so you picked up your phone and the screen read "Mom"
Admin: Hello my beautiful people! It's been a couple of days since I posted~ Did you enjoy the introduction to the new story I'm working on? I honestly didn't know how to start so I wrote this little back story thing, kinda like the first five minutes to a tv show, to sorta set the mood and the scenery and such 😆 I know it's not all that great, but believe me, the good part is coming. ALSO!!! CAN YOU GUESS WHICH DANCE AND WHAT PART OF THAT DANCE IM TALKING ABOUT IN THE STORY?? IF YOU CAN GUESS IT CORRECTLY, ILL POSSIBLY CAMEO YOU IN THE FUTURE OF THIS OR ANOTHER STORY. OR OF YOU WANT TO REQUEST A ONE SHOT OF YOU AND YOUR BIAS THAT WOULD BE COOL TOO. BUT YOU GOTTA GUESS IT CORRECTLY! OK IM GONNA GO, IM GETTING TOO EXCITED, PEACE ✌🏻️❤️ Tags~ @haniarocioo @CrystalGuerra @MariaMontoya1 @Orihemay @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @IsoldaPazo @faith92 @amburg171997 @maritesssison @leelee12 @juliavip @aliendestina @kpossible4250 @michellerosa @greciaflores @littlemaryk @jaiipanda @juliavip @momochamie @nerdydemigod @jessicalista @nathalyalamo298 @sindyhernandez @lizzy987 Let me know if you want to be added or removed ^-^
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@namjooniesbae I think its like when they first start dancing in the video..I think..or the whole thing
is the dance thing to fire from bts cause that new dance looks way to fucking hard to dance to...oh and the story sounds amazing already can't wait for update!
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