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So first off "hi!" it's been awhile.... now that we got that done wtf anti fans like why do yous have to be dumb (btw I haven't read the article yet I just this part and got upset) if you don't like the group why plan this whole thing to attack them publicly when the easiest way to hurt them is to ignore them I love BTS and I want to protect them because this is dumb.
I feel like BTS can handle them self but then again sometimes they can be very sensitive and sometimes I worried if they'll be ok with this kind of stuff... like I don't want them to start going through depression and they do have each other to lean on but they need the army too... because sometime leaning on just them isn't enough so we need to support the. even more when this happens and make them happy and block the hater from them..
(PS.. sorry if late on this I'll add the link into another card and I'll read it myself too.)