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Resources on herbals written by famous scholars and medical institutions on herbal medicine are either limited or don't exists due to religious book burnings and government censorship.
As a people of modern conditioning we are led to believe that such works of benefit for the wellness of human existence either don't exist or are outdated. Religion has been separated from medicine and we no longer even consider the metaphysical inflictions caused by diseases, let alone how to cure them.
Now we're living in a day and age where an obsession with the physical things we see are the only disturbances we treat by a medicine so disengaged from the healing modalities that have been practiced with success for ages, leading us to experiment, test on animals, and creating even worse diseases (by accident of course)
With mental illness on the rise, a focus on spreading disease as warfare, and using innocent communities as experiments, it is safe to say that the little we do know about using herbal substances to provoke a cure is far more necessary than to give in to pharmaceutical propaganda.
When I started studying herbology and learning about the healing virtues of herbs and flowers, I never imagined that I would become an activist for educating the public on lessons that seem anti government and anti Vatican even. These highly powerful bodies and organizations are littered with dark histories and rumors, none of which benefit the people who gave them the power in the first place.
I just want to assist in spreading the word and notion that plant medicine is far more efficacious in battling disease, easier to administer, and more readily available. Then again, where does use and significance of pharmaceutical companies fit in when everyone is educated to cure their common afflictions.
It's not easy being a medical herbalist in this day and age, either you call yourself a herbalist and make pretty tasting blends in hopes that this tea will do anything... or you actually study herbals of those healers who wake you up to the reality that you have to sometimes eat disgusting plants and combinations of them to supplement your body with the right phytochemicals and provoke a cure.
My intention was never to rise against the authorities and stir up trouble, it was to learn how to heal and bring health into people's lives. It is my desire to end human suffering and heal the planet, but in participating in such global agendas has some labeling me as a heretic. Tis a very scary road my friends