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*The before work chapter to make up for the trick I did yesterday night *
Chapter 4 ************* Steam fill the bathroom as I let the hot water run down my body. I was sitting down in the tub, trying to tell myself that this was all a dream that I will wake up to it being nothing. But I knew deep down that this was not a dream, it was real and that I have six gorgeous  looking masters that will do more damage to me then I will to myself. Shuting off the water, I stood up and wrapped a towel around my body. I didn't bother of bringing clothes in the bathroom because my room was right there. I opened the door and made my way to my closet as I took my towel off.  "Nice body you have" a husky deep voice said. I screamed and quickly grabbed the towel that was on the floor to my body. He got up and walked towards me. I stepped back far enough to were my back was against the wall. He raised his right arm to the wall as he lens his body into mine. "No need to hide, we will all see it soon" he said as took my towel out of my grasp and threw it to the floor. I went stiff and my hold body hardened to the cold air. I felt his eyes travel up and down my body. With his left hand, he caressing my cheek and slides his fingers down to the rest of my body. I felt the tingles that his fingers left. I stared into his eyes as I had the urge to need his touch. I was trying to stop my body from responding back but when he started to play with my hard nipple, I gasped. He smirked and pulled back. "It wouldn't be fair to my brothers if I got you first now would it." He said still smirking. "No Master Ravi, it wouldn't" I replied to him. I watched him carefully as he picked up my towel and handed it to me. I quickly wrapped myself in the towel and looked at Master Ravi. "Is there something you need Master Ravi?" I asked him as he smirked. "Nope just wanted to have my special alone time with you." And with that he walked off, leaving me confused and questioning. I shook my head and proceeded to get some clothes on before the next guest.
Of course it's Ravi. Him and that damn deep voice of his. With this, I was picturing him with his Beautiful Liar persona he had. Hehehehe~
this whole chapter was a tease
at first I was like..this is definstly soon as I saw his name...I fangirled and freaked joke guys!
@JarviaKlipka I'm ready ( • ̀ω•́ )✧
@TishForde @CheniseLewis @CLAKPOP @MaritessSison @EmilyPeacock @EmmaJolie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just wait in about 3 hours chapter 5 will be posted @EmmaJolie yes i can tag you ^_^
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