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This. This has got to be one of my most POWERFUL obsessions currently. Also saw that there weren't that many Cards about this specific thing so I'm hoping to be the one who adds more to it.

How it all began:

So I first started reading the manga of this about this 1 or 2 years ago and I'm SO happy I did. I mean to this day I can't even find anything like it and I've legit fell in love with this. It was later that I then learned it had a novel , Maru-Ma, and I love that even more . Especially because of how they sorta started to change things in the latest manga chapters.

The Shipβ›΅οΈπŸ˜†:

(Spoiler ahead ⬇️)

So I've gotta say, Yeas it's a shounen ai, and I LOVE the whole thing that's going on between Yuuri and WolframπŸ’•. It is my Favorite ship of all timee! And it really was kinda upsetting that the anime just kinda played all of that off like some kinda joke but I guess I understood why πŸ˜’. I was currently in the latest chapters in the 15 novel where they were saying that a certain body part from the Weller, Wincott, Voltaire, and Bielfeld Family would be a key to each of the boxes. And seeing as how the chapters in the Manga kinda skipped ahead, I saw that it WAS indeed wolfram who was the key, and I didn't read it cuz I didn't want any spoilers so I'm just waiting until the Novel translations catches up, but I'm Extremely excited to read about that in the novels! They're relationship had gone so far , from the accidental slap to the cheek to what it is today. And I've always somewhere read that ever since meeting Yuuri, wolfram had changed , he wasn't a snotty , arrogant prince anymore and I'd have to say is agree. Though it always kinda fun to see Wolfram's Jealous side, no matter the occasion πŸ˜†.

Yuuram/Wolfyuu 4 LyfeπŸ’•βœ¨

Favorite Scenes From The Novel:

My FAV part was when Yuuri temporarily lost his eyesight when he was in that cave maze with Saralegui and Josak , and it was pitch black, to the point where even the torch they had barely helped. I understand that the reason Yuuri lost his eyesight was due to the trauma of seeing(or well, hearing and feeling) Josak die, but it was just so thrilling to also see how he was trying to hide it from Conrad and the rest. This scene also led into another where he accidentally stabs Wolfram πŸ™ˆ. My Gosh! It also led to this beautiful quote

"Wolf tries to step back from me, and I quickly grab his waist, pulling him to me. Hugging him tightly with my right arm, I press my left palm to his stomach. The warmth from his skin spreads over to me, a numbing pain climbing up my arm at the same time"

Saying this I think Ive finished saying everything for RIGHT NOW, so Til next time c; .
I first saw this in Anime. Feel in love and then I read the manag.
@raenel Your welcome. πŸ‘
@normabm7 awesome thanks a ton
@raenel you can also go online on Mangatown or Mangafox. either way.
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