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Hello Nakama and all my Z Warriors!

It's May and that means it time for Ani-May!

All Challenges and Mid Week Mini's will feature all anime and not just Dragon Ball Z!

Today's challenge is all about the strongest fighters. Son Goku has said to be the strongest in anime, so much so that he's often put up against Superman, the man believed to have unlimited power. Any time Goku faced a challenge he overcame it always pushing past his limit. Goku took on and defeated the ruler of the universe, Frieza, and, with the help of the people of earth, defeated the monster known as Majin Buu. Goku has fought the God of Destruction basically becoming a God himself and surpassed the level of Super Saiyan God to gain the form of Super Saiyan Blue. The question is: can anyone defeat him?

That's where you come in. I wan't to know who you think throughout anime can defeat the Super Saiyan God known as Son Goku?

My Pick:

Lord Aizen from Bleach.

Goku is practically a God so if you're going to defeat a God you'll have to use a God.

Aizen was no doubt the strongest Captain in the 13 Gotei. For hundreds of years Aizen planed his attack on the Soul Society and the Soul King and take full control of the Soul Society. Using the Hogyoku, a small orb with the power to grant it's users deepest desires, Aizen was able to wipe out his former comrades and all of the captains of the 13 Gotei. Aizen went through many transformations using the Hogyoku in which his final form gave him the full look of a Hallow, giving him wings and a mask. Aizen has immense strength and spiritual pressure, turning anyone who's to weak into dust. Aizen's Zanpakuto can create illusions often confusing his opponents and giving Aizen a huge advantage.

It took all the Soul Society had to try to defeat Aizen and still they could not do it. Aizen is surely a formidable foe and I believe is the best choice to take down Goku!

Do you agree with my pick?

who do you think can defeat Goku?

Make you're own card and let everyone know! Don't forget to tag me in it!

Keep an eye out for future DBC's (Dragon Ball Challenges) and don't forget to follow the collection! Check it out here!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Don't forget to rock the dragon!

@HaitianPride Medaka and Ashin-san are both gods.
Yeah, he can do it. How about Saitama?
@HaitianPride except Beerus... and Whis, who isn't a god... but outside of DBZ, no non hax character can best Goku.
@BlackDragon88 Lelouch technically couldn't defeat Goku. It doesn't count of Goku kills himself....
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