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One of my favorite spots in Seoul, Ssamziegil is kind of an outside shopping center in Insadong. The design of the building is really cool where after the initial stairway you can walk up to the roof simply by walking up the slight incline that goes around in a loop. Shops line the outside where they sell traditional Korean items, clothes, accessories and other cute collectibles that girls would love (and some guys too I suppose). There are booths and cafes that sell food such as poo bread (yup..), rice punch, coffee on the roof, and more. There's also a special area where you can hang a keychain with a loved one (I forgot to take a picture of that -_-). Take the subway to Anguk Station and get out of exit 6.
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wow great did you went there ?? nice place i love it
i want to go there :(
I love this place since it is kinda place where independence young artist could make and sell their products !! :) nice post !
@Jessejeje You should totally go! I had a lot of fun! @Tapsamai Thanks!
jonlee@ yea hhhh i wish this maybe when i can i will do it