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My official opinion on the matter is that they don't deserve such bullshit. I know there are a lot of similarities and differences between American idol sand Korean idols, but the biggest similarity is that they are ARTISTS. They do what they do because they love music! I honestly, don't know why things like "wearing the same clothing is plagiarism" and having one or two swear words and vulgarity in their songs means "no broadcasting!" There's only so much clothes a person can wear! And how can they idolize American idols like Drake and Jason Derulo, when they have far more swearing and themes of sex, alcohol, and drugs?
Sometimes I feel like people need to dial it back a bit... And by a bit, I mean a lot. I don't want our idols to forget where they come from. They perform because singing and dancing is their passion. Don't we have that too? Or maybe some of us are still finding out passion. If an American idol was caught wearing the same outfit as another, it would be put in a magazine as "who wore it better?" Why does it have to be accused as plagiarism? Can't we praise them for their hard work? They did a wonderful job on their album and their dances. Did we also forget that they work hard to please us? How can we criticize and scrutinize every detail, when all they're trying to do is please us? Make us happy. Bring smiles to our faces and pick us up with their music when we are down. The least we can do for them is support them. Bring a smile to their faces. Send them encouragement when they are down.
On a much brighter note, BTS killed it at their Epilogue concert! I was only able to listen to the live audio feed, but they still sounded amazing!
the girl that wrote the article did an amazing job. It takes 7 good comments to take out one negative comment...well need to stand by our boys and never let them think we don't love them....hell bts can have all my money because I want them to know how much I support them.
Totally agree with you!!! BTS doesn't deserve the hate they are getting... But eventually the haters will come to love cause its BTS!! Remember when Jungkook wore that shirt that said he doesn't have any haters cause they all love him (well something along those lines 😅). The haters are just jealous...