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Lol obviously Team Natsu!❀
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( SPOILER ALERT!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! ) actually I don't want 'em to fight when Zeref tells Natsu the truth will Natsu kill him um no they're Bros here. Because can't they live together and I don't think it's Zeref's fault he just wanted to bring Natsu back from the dead and also his mommy and daddy so then he created E.N.D. ( Etherious Natsu Dragneel ) to kill him and the other demons from the books of Zeref because remember why Zeref killed Precht second master of Fairy Tail because they were fighting and so Acnologia came to fight and he's gone through a lot of fights and he didn't wanna fight again. So Both that's my answer and sorry for the long summary
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@AichaBangoura Lol you're ok and thank you for putting spoiler!
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Team Natsu
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