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I really would like to thank @EwSeungkwan for posting a card on these boys. These guys are all so adorable and when I showed them to my friends via kik, they also fell in love with them. BUT they also now hate me because they have to redue their whole bias list XD Anyways without futher ado, I'm going to share some pictures and what I've learn from EwSeunghwan-ssi.
Alright this guy is Seunghwan. He's the leader and rapper of this group. Born: 12/10/94 Height: 176cm (5'9") Weight: 57kg (126lbs) He's adorable. I mean this whole entire group is adorable, and I can see why my new friend likes him X3
This is Yunsung, he's one of the vocals. Like seriously his voice is amazing ^^ Born: 3/19/96 Height: 176cm (5'9") Weight: 58kg (128lbs)
This guy managed to somehow steal a piece of @selfishmachines heart!! He's adorable and I literally just want to squeeze his cheeks. This is Milo, real name is Kim Minhak. His position is rapper, but he can do just as well on vocals X3 Born: 8/20/96 Height: 172cm (5'7") Weight: 53 kg (117lbs)
This is Minsung, and oh dear god..... he's tall XD His position is vocals, and he's adorable X3 Born: 12/24/96 Height: 182cm (5'11") Weight: 63kg (139lbs)
This is Kyle, real name Ma Jaekyung. Another vocal in this amazingly awesome group. Born: 1/15/95 Height: 178cm (5'10) Weight: 57kg (126lbs)
Then we have this guy. The guy who managed to steal a part of my heart. He goes by Hyunkyung, real name Kim Hyunjong. He's also a vocal X3 Born: 9/5/98 Height: 184cm (5'11) (of course he has to be tall ;~;) Weight: 62kg (132lbs)
Then last but not least, this guy. If he's going to be like any of the other maknaes I know off *coughs* Kyuhyun, Hyuk, Jungkook, Sehun *coughs* he's going to be a little devil XD. He's Kangmin. Rapper and Maknae of the group. Born: 9/5/99 Height: 180cm (5'10) Weight: 61kg (134lbs)
Here are their music videos. Their debut song Lovesick, it has a fairy-tale/Shakespearion kind of vibe to it. Really awesome song and I believe a perfect debut song. Then the next song is Target. This was the song that captured my heart for this group. So, I'll warn you ahead of time that they might screw up your bias list, that's if you have one. If you don't feel free to watch them XD.
Well, there you have it. Hope you enjoy this group. I really have high hopes for them in the future. See you guys later!!
@EwSeungkwan oooh, that makes me unnie. I'm 24 XD
omg yes all are taller then me and close to my age ... perfect .. hoooooo they so noice looking
Emily Unnie really
ahh it's Romeo yay I see my bias
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