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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 3031 words
Summary: He was bad news. Why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 1/?
Kim Taehyung. The mere thought of the name made my face scrunch up in distaste. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t some bitter,petty hater. God no.
It just really irked me how he was so liked. He seemed older than me by age, and not just by a couple of months.I reckoned he had been held back a year, probably for fucking around.
Because that’s all he ever did. Fuck around. Flirt. Copy homework last minute. The classes he bothered to turn up to, he would always be late- always. All the girls swooned at his feet, and all the guys waned to be his friend. Even the damn teachers loved him.
Which was strange, because I guarantee if I started acting like he did, I would spend half my time in detention.
It was pure favouritism. And it was unfair. I studied my arse off, spending all my time in the library, reading around, making notes, to maintain the grades I got. He just turned up, and boom. He would only get a few marks lower than me. But I had convinced myself that that was because he was re-doing the year- of course he was going to find this stuff easy a second time round.
The main reason I disliked him so much was actually from our first ever encounter. Day 1. Of course I was going to be a target, despite what my friend Jimin said. The teacher had just told me where I was going to sit in respect to her seating plan. She always made a seating plan, because she felt students just wouldn't listen if they sat with their friends. Which was true, I suppose.
I was on my way to my seat, which was right next to the door, and Taehyung had cockily burst through the door, colliding into me, almost sending me flying. I had adjusted my glasses and smoothed down my skirt and glared at him haughtily. He was stood there, in front of the entire class, chewing gum (which wasn’t allowed, might I add) and a stupid smirk on his face.
“Watch where you’re going”, I had snapped, placing my bag on my designated table. He had replied swiftly, “Sorry Nerd”, which sent the whole class into a fit of jeers and giggles. I had just rolled my eyes and pushed past him to get to my seat. This was the maturity of my peers- from then on, I had been dubbed ‘Nerd’. The only one who actually called me ‘y/n’ was Jimin- oh, and the teacher, obviously.
Miss clearly didn’t realise me and Jimin were friends, because once everyone had calmed down, she said “And next to y/n....let’s see...Park Jimin!”
I gave him a wide smile as he took his place next to me. He winked back, clearly as happy as me with the seating arrangements. Suddenly, being on the front row wasn’t so bad. Miss called out a few more names.
Then she got to Taehyung .“Kim Taehyung!” She called. No reply. All the kids, regardless of whether they were sat down, or still waiting to me seated, turned to look at who this Kim Taehyung was.
It was him. The idiot who had walked right into me. He was whispering something in some girls ear. She was unsurprisingly the prettiest girl in the class, and she was biting back a smile at whatever he was saying.
The teacher, clearly irritated as this was the same boy who had walked in late, cleared her throat. “Kim Taehyung!” Taehyung looked up at her. I rolled my eyes at Jimin at this boys incompetency. My eyes flitted from Jimin silently laughing to Taehyung again, who was surprisingly staring back at me.
From the look on his face, he had just seen me roll my eyes, but I really didn’t care. I mean, he had already made the ‘nerd’ nickname for me, so who was he to get butthurt about that?!
“You can sit behind Miss Y/l/n.” I inwardly groaned. Why had she done this? I really didn’t want him right behind me, but I would have to grin and bare it. I didn’t want the teacher to hate me from the start of term.
So, today was just like any other day. Teaching had begun, I was in the flow of it. As studious as I was, I actually found concentrating in class hard. Having Jimin next to didn’t really help, admittedly. But if he wasn’t there, I would have gone insane.
Typically, Taehyung burst in late. Miss was so used to it by now, she didn’t even look up as she was writing on the board.
The pretty girl I had mentioned earlier (her name, which unfortunately I knew by now, was Sooyoung) squealed “Hey Tae Tae!”, and I bit back a laugh at how ridiculous she sounded. I didn’t hear a verbal reply, so I assume Taehyung just waved at her as he slumped in his seat behind me.
Me and Jimin had had a full length discussion about those two in the library the other day. He had got bored of the boys he occasionally hangs out with and came to annoy me in the library. Somehow the topic of conversation shifted to Taehyung and Sooyoung.
Jimin was convinced that he just slept with her from time to time- he went to all these parties and saw these make out sessions first hand (apparently they were gag-worthy), whilst I was convinced they were dating. Literally spent an hour on that topic, and still ended with no conclusion.
So when we didn’t hear Taehyung reply, Jimin shot me a knowing look, and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head slightly. Just because we didn’t hear him, that didn’t prove anything.
I heard a whisper behind me. “Hey! Nerd!” Of course I ignored it. This jackass didn’t deserve my attention. Not at least he called me by my proper name. Plus, the teacher would embarrass you if you caught talking in class- not that Taehyung cared.
“Psst, hey! Let me borrow a pen.” Not taking my eyes off the board, I frowned to myself. Would a simple ‘please’ kill him? And why the hell was he turning up to class without a godamn pen?
I jumped as I felt his finger jab my back, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from cursing at him. Sighing, I unzipped my pencil case, took out a black biro, and when the teacher had her back turned, quickly placing it on the desk behind me without actually looking at him.
“Thanks...nerd”. I closed my eyes and asked the lord to give me strength. Yes, I worked hard. No, I didn’t answer back. But that didn’t mean, I didn’t get annoyed, or worked up. And Taehyung (and his girlfriend for that matter) were the type of people that just got under your skin, no matter how hard you tried to shut them out.
Truly a match made in heaven.
Jimin was looking at me, one eyebrow raised questioningly. I knew what that meant. It meant ‘why did you give him the pen?’ I just grimaced at him in response.
About ten minutes later, I heard Jimin give out a frustrated sigh. I glanced over at his work. There were so many things crossed out, and the paper was just a mess. he Looked over at me, and mimed a rubber using his hands. I nodded, giving him a sympathetic smile, and handed him my rubber. He clearly didn’t understand this stuff, so I’d help him later.
I mouthed that too him, and he mouthed back ‘Thanks’, his face washed over with relief. We always had each others back, me and Jimin. I heard an annoyed tut behind me, and I didn’t need three lucky guesses to know it was Taehyung.
But why the hell was he annoyed? God knows. I didn’t really care. The lesson dragged, but finally the bell rang, signalling the end of class. I got up, my bag packed, and perched on my desk, waiting for Jimin.
“I can’t be bothered for another lecture”, he sighed, as everyone filed out. Everyone looked bemused by the lesson, not just Jimin. “Hey, c’mon”, I softly encouraged. I was pretty quiet in school. Only Jimin knew my loud and hyper side.
I got out a breakfast bar I had packed as a snack. I didn’t really feel hungry until the end of first period in the mornings, so I always ate a little something straight after the first bell.
Even the teacher walked passed us muttering “I need some coffee”, and I smiled. “Jimminieee”, I sang. He begrudgingly started to pack his things up, handing me my rubber. I shook my head ‘no’, as there was food still in my mouth.
Once I had swallowed, I said “Keep it for now. Might come in handy later.” I was just about to ask him if he would come to the library later or hang with his other friends, when a third voice made me jump. I assumed the classroom had been empty apart from us.
“Thanks for the pen.” I turned to my side, and there stood Taehyung, holding out the biro too me. The breakfast bar was halfway to my mouth, so I placed my hand down on my lap before answering.
“Pleasure.” That sounded colder than I had intended, but at least he knew it was anything but a pleasure to help him. Then I added. “You’ll need a pen for the rest of the day. Keep it.”
I turned a bit more, and saw Sooyoung stood at the doorway, tapping her foot impatiently. I turned straight back round to face Jimin. I didn’t need any shit from this girl- she was the type of girl that would accuse you of flirting for even looking at her boyfriend (or ‘fuck buddy’ as Jimin so eloquently put it).
“Aight...thanks”, I heard him mumble. His voice was unbelievably deep, as it resonated through the thin walls of the classroom. There was a slight pause. “See you around, nerd.”
I didn’t reply. In fact, I didn’t speak until I heard the door slam shut behind me. That was probably Sooyoung passively showing me how pissed off she was.
“Fucking degenerate”, I muttered, finishing off my breakfast bar, making Jimin crack up. I laughed too. “Seriously, who doesn’t bring a pen to school? They have paper here in case you forget a book, but a pen? Is he academically challenged?”
Jimin always found it hilarious when I got angry. And that usually annoyed me even more. I sighed, getting up off the table.”C’mon, let’s go.” I was glad we weren’t scheduled a class until this afternoon. Because that meant no Taehyung until this afternoon.
We left the classroom together. I always admired Jimin for walking with me. He could easily leave me, for fear of being dubbed as the ‘Nerd’s Friend’- or worse- but he didn’t give a damn. He always stood by be, balancing his time between me and his other friends.
I actually thanked him once for it, and he had ruffled my hair and laughed at me, saying, “You’re so stupid, you know that? Why the hell would I leave you alone just cus other people call you names?” I had just smiled back.
On our way to the library, I groaned quietly, moving my sore shoulders up and down. “What’s up?”
“My bag”, I whined. “Jesus, it’s so heavy. Here, try holding it.” I watched his face as I slipped it off and handed it to him. His eyes widened from the unexpected amount of effort he had to put in holding it. I giggled at his face.
“The fuck have you got in here?” He asked, helping me put it back on my shoulders. “All those flashcards I need to make, four books to return, pencilcase, phone, my assignment...”, I listed, whilst Jimin just shook his head at me. “You could be a bodybuilder, swear.”
I started laughing at the thought, but my laughter was cut off pretty quick. In the same corridor we were in, on the other side of the corridor, there stood Taehyung, eyeing us darkly. What in the name of all that’s holy was his problem?
Sooyoung was nowhere to be seen...maybe she had gone in the library and he was waiting out here for her? I couldn’t help but shiver slightly as the two of us walked past him. Even as I walked away, I could feel his sharp gazer on the back of my head.
“What even...?” I trailed off. But Jimin understood what I was trying to ask and just shrugged.
The study session went pretty well- Jimin understood the content once I had explained it. I loved seeing that lightbulb moment once it all clicked in his head. “Woah, you should be a teacher!”, he exclaimed. The very thought made me shudder.
Having to deal with imbeciles like Taehyung, day in day out would sure as hell lower my life expectancy. I had drank so much water in the last couple of hours, that I had the sudden urge to pee.
I had been holding it in for about half an our for Jimin’s sake, but as soon as he
understood, I told him I would be back in five minutes, and to keep an eye on my stuff.
On the way to the restroom, I looked out the window. Taehyung and Sooyoung were there in the smokers area, talking and laughing with a bunch of people. I recognised one of them as Jimin’s friends...think his name was Hoseok.
As if Taehyung knew I was there, he abruptly turned around. I snapped my head forward and continued walking swiftly, hoping he had’t seen me looking. He was already cocky enough, I didn’t need to feed his ego more.
I heard a door open and close behind me, and walked faster. I was almost at the end of the corridor when I heard a “yo!” I didn’t turn. I turned at the end of the corridor, and there was the girls room- just in sight.
But sadly, he caught up. He grasped my shoulder, halting me, and I shrugged him off, adjusting my blouse, then my glasses. Jimin told me that was a habit I had when I was embarrassed, nervous or scared- I would always adjust my glasses. Weird, huh.
“Are you deaf?”, he didn’t even look out of breath. I just stared at him. What the hell did he want? A girl walked past us- one of Sooyoung’s friends- and she cackled. “Taehyung what are you doing with that nerd?”
The look he shot her could’ve turned her to stone, and she shuffled off, embarrassed. I narrowed my eyes at him seeing as it was his fault everyone called me that.
“Will you hurry this up, I have things to do”, I sighed. By ‘things’ I meant I needed to pee, but he didn’t need to know that.
“Listen. There’s a party in my place. Wednesday. You gonna come, right?”
I stared at him. Like I said earlier, I didn’t really do this whole ‘party’ thing- in fact, I had never been to one. “I don’t go to them”, I stated, fixing my glasses. “Also Wednesday is a weekday.”
He gave a small laugh of disbelief. “C’mon ne-, y/n.” I don’t think I’d ever heard him say my name. Like, my actual name. “Why?” Of course I was suspicious. Jimin had goe to many of his parties with his friends, and I know pretty much anyone and everyone just turned up, but I had never explicitly got an invite.
He shrugged, staring into my eyes. Those eyes....Stop it y/n. OK,OK, it would’t kill me to admit it. Kim Taehyung was very attractive- there was a reason all the girls- and some guys- were crazy about him. And they showed it- no matter how much they embarrassed themselves.
And I didn’t. I preferred to brush him off, give him the cold shoulder. It really wasn’t worth my time talking to someone like him.
“You seem alright. I want you to come.” My eyes arrowed again. “That sounds like a order Kim Taehyung”, I replied, surprising both him and myself. Like everyone else, he saw me as the quiet girl, the one who never spoke back.
He snorted, before taking the biro I leant him out of his pocket.He took my had in his own, and I instantly yanked it back. “What are you doing?”
“Writing my number on your hand?”, he replied as if that should have been blatantly obvious. I sighed before pulling my sleeve up. “Write it on my arm.”
That way nobody could see it. Also it wouldn’t get washed off after my visit to the restroom. He smirked, writing slowly, taking his dam time. It felt tingly, so I shivered, making him smirk even more.
“You’ll come?” He must have thought just because I let him right his number down, that it was a definite yes. Why do I need it anyway?
I pondered, before replying. “I’ll come...on one condition.” His smile wavered, but he tilted his head, silently asking me to continue.
“I brig Jimin. He’ll know where you live, and he’s the only person I’m actually friends with.” The smile was gone completely. Why the hell was that a big deal when Jimin had gone to the majority of his parties anyway?
“Fine”, he huffed, before saying “Catch”. My reflexes came into play as soon as he threw my pen at me. “Won’t be needing this cus I’m bunking this afternoon. Contents too easy, right?”
He must have heard me telling Jimin I would help him with the content. I rolled my eyes at his lowkey mockery, before turning away, not bothering to say ‘bye’.
“See you Wednesday”, he called. I was about to turn to say ‘See you’ but he had already disappeared around the corner- back to his friends and fuck buddy/ girlfriend.
I rushed to the restroom, on the verge on wetting myself, my mind reeling from the encounter with Kim Taehyung.
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I love these types of stories!!! Couldn't stop reading and almost ran into a pole😅 Can't wait for more!!!
....I've lost every single hope that she will not get cheated'm preparing myself because Jimin seems like a wonderful person....and Taehyung could potentially be a wonderful person...and I can't have you breaking my heart again 😢😭 (worst off, you could also pull a Jungkook and just mentally break her...oh my gosh, you're going to end up killing me all over again...why do I love your stories?!) I'm suing you for future heartbreak 😭
I feel a second lead syndrome and I don't know whose it gonna be 😭😭😭😭😭
Oh no another one *cries in a corner cuz of all the emotions from every story* it's good 👍👍
Ahhh I'm excited for a new one!!! tae!!! I'm nervous tho.. why so interested in her now? I hope nothing happens to her badly at his party
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