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So I have a question for everyone? So @twistedPuppy pointed out that we still didn't have am Ikonic squad yet which led us to thinking why not create one. ( It will mainly be Ikon but we are all part of multiple fandoms so we will talk about kpop in general as well)
So far we have @twistedPuppy @IsoldaPazo and I if anyone else would like to join let us know also it is on Kakao
This has kind of turned into a Junhwan card xD
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@NicoleFireRose if it does tell us your name okay
@twistedpuppy i can. but my memory on my phone is no more....
@twistedPuppy IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!! Oh and my name is firerose2018
I'll like to join.. ^^
My kakao is openheart23