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Hey beautiful people hope you're all having enjoying your sunday. But let's all talk about something really important.... Learning Korean, we all have a lot of different Reasons to learn it and today I'm here to help you.. A thing we all have in common is our cellphones, we are always on them. So here are some apps to help you learn Korean.  
The first one is Eggbun, from personal experience this app is amazing it teaches from the very begging starting with hangul. And it's also fun, it gives you examples and at the end of every session it gives you a test to see your progress.
Here is another app that will help Hi Native..Haven't really used it but what better way to learn a language then to learn it from native speakers. Jamless_Ceci (@reyestiny93) Do guys want to know about books? Let me know?
Another good one is HelloTalk. It is a good way to meet new friends, learn Korean (or any other language), and learn about different prospectives in the world.
I'm using Eggbun and I think it's pretty cute :) it's like you're texting someone and learning Korean :). it works for me :)
Memrise is another good one!
This is great! Thanks for sharing!!
eggbun is adorable. i love it ❤ ill check out the other one
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