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I am really really tired of seeing all these posts about BTS copying Big Bang. Why start a fandom war for no reason? There was an article about VIPs posting on Twitter about hashtagging BTS and plagiarizing. Can y'all be any more petty about this. I love Big Bang. I love BTS. Quite frankly it hurts my heart knowing that something as little as this is causing so much drama between fans. All ARMYS know that BTS looks up to their Sunbae-nims. I doubt they'd copy or plagiarize any of their music videos. It's just so tiring.
I feel the same. No one owns a piece of clothing but the designer that made it .Copying of concepts is nothing as long as the songs are different ,which they are. No one owns the word "Youth." It breaks my heart to see people hating on Bangtan.
@HopefulHopie It just drives me insane to see all the negative energy going around. This is something we ALL enjoy. So why make others mad? It just confuses me.