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In honor of Mother's Day, I've decided to share some pictures of Jackson and his mom :) Can you think of any other idols who are super close with their mom?
They honestly have an adorable relationship -- something only a son and his mother could have. Mark's dad is pretty chill too... but that'll have to wait until Father's Day!
It's so cute how she has a huge poster of him! >< Mama Wang is always with you, Jackson.
We now know where Jackson's amazing genes came from. JYP doesn't need to ask, "Who's your mama"! btw this selca is so freaking cute. There is no entertainment label president as chill ask JYP himself ;)

Go tell your mom that you love her!

After all, she's the one who brought you into the world and cared for you every single day of your life :) They deserve a lot more credit than what they get.
Plus there's the fact that his family lives all the way in Hong Kong. That's already far, so I'm really happy that whenever JYP gives him a chance to see his family, Jackson treasures each moment X3
I balled out cried when I saw Jackson reuniting with his mom on Roommate. Like literally ;~;
@EmilyPeacock I know.. It must be hard for idols, training for a long time and having little to no time to catch up with your family :(