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Wow...what words can even begin to describe what this is. To first start off with the song, it's really beautiful! I've always loved Woohyun's work in Infinite and have always known that he is a stunning vocalist, but this song shows it off beautifully! It's a sweet ballad that Woohyun completely slays! This is the first time I've ever gotten to hear Woohyun only singing and showing us what he can do, and he does not disappoint. The MV itself was done very well. The storyline was so sad, and to be honest it broke my heart a little....and I'm not even that biased towards Infinite members! I have not been able to look at the lyrics well enough to know what the song is about, but the MV gives a very sweet and sad feeling. The fact that the MV is able to add emotion to the song and yet the song still shines on it's own is amazing in itself! The MV looks like it's shot very classically to me, and by that I mean there's not a little of overbearing visual effects being used. That was a very good choice cause it really emphasized the beauty this song already has. The MV was there, but it really did a good job in pushing that amazing song outwards! That also is an extremely good decision in my opinion. Overall, I really love this! It's a beautiful song and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone and everyone!
If the rest of the album is anything like this song, I can tell it's going to be beautiful! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a copy of it yet. I am very much looking foreword to it so when I do find it I will listen to all of the songs and give a Full Album Review. There I will most likely go further in depth with this song as well. If you would like to be tagged let me know :) if not I understand