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So I came across this song callled SO 4 YOU which was released in BTS FIRST Anniversary from our precious boys <3 And I have actually been with them since their debut days and they have all come soooo far I still remember the first time when I watch this video and I was celebrating their first year anniversary with them. Now they have really come so far Omgee they even made their dream come true to perform in the Olympics gymnastic stadium and about 15000 army attended the concert and itself was just sooooo awesome and they were all crying while watching the clips videos of that concert i WAS CRYING TOO :'( it was all just soo touching I am sooo proud of all my BTS boys. And going back to This song actually brought back so many memories about their past struggles so I decided to make this card just thinking about those times and how far they have come hope you all like my collection ENJOY ALL :).
JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE PICS comparing to their DEBUT ALBUM How far our boys have come <3 I am just sooo proud of them <3 all
MY favorite Top 10 BTS SONGS 1)Love is not over 2)Butterfly prologue 3)House of Cards 4)Hold me tight 5)Save me 6)Tomorrow 7)bapsae 8)Dead Leaves 9)Young Forever 10) Boys With Fun
My Top favorite Live Performances from BTS 1) Bts (born singer live) 2)Bulletproof and No more dream LIVE 3)Butterfly and RUN LIVE 4)BTS DOPE Live 5)Boys with Fun and I Need u LIVE 6)BTS live Mama 2015 performance
Their WIN MOMENTS BTS FIRST WIN !! BTS 2ND WIN Moments When every one decided to put the lipsstick on and it was just sooo cutte <3 BTS FIFTH WIN when Namjoon returned and it was the last day of Run Promotions The way they all danced was just the besttt <3 And BTS wining the Mama World Performer I remember during this moment I really sooooo sooo proud of my boys. They are the Best Bts Fighting definitely so much more to come Love you all of my 7 boys <3 soooo muchhhhhh <3
I definitely love these cutte lovely dorks sooooo much, They always cheer me up,I have learned so muchh from all of them. They have all taught me to dream to keep working hard for all my dreams to stay young forever and to always be hopeful , faithful and just be happy and just to never give up. I just love them all sooo much Thankyou BTS!!! For everything.
And its not over Yet They have a new Dream Everyone to hold a concert in Madison Square Garden New York with more then 70000 fans. Woww omgee Lets all make their dream come true and lets make this happen. Yes this will definitely happen one day and we all Army 's will always stand with and support them in every way possible to make this Dream come true We love you BTS ALWAYS FIGHTING Thankyou so much for everything and definitely so much more to come from BTS I am just soo proud of you all sooo much <3. Check out this for more information. All credits to its actual owners for everything , nothing is mine I just put it all tgthr to make this card. Thankyou for checking out my card Everyone Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers Day to you all :) <3
@sherrysahar YASS like ugh I can't
@mrsjeon Yesss they are all Just beyond amazing πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ I am definitely so proud of them all soooooooooo muchhhhhhh my precious Boys . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
I can't even watch the videos or anything just reading and looking at the pictures already has me at tears tbh I can't even express my love, my gratitude, how proud I am of bts and how proud I am to be a ARMY just ;-;β™‘