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“You can be in love and you can be in a relationship. But they’re not always the same thing.”

― pleasefindthis, I Wrote This For You

Has anyone experienced the difference? I definitely have.

My first 'serious' boyfriend was a close friend who had feelings for me. I didn't necessarily feel the same way, but in order to not ruin our friendship I gave it a try. Disaster. Because I was unhappy in the relationship I treated him really badly and it eventually tore our friendship apart.
You can also be in love without being in a relationship (a feeling I think we've all had...)
I definitely think a lot of people often misinterpret the two.
Yeah. I understand this happens*. It's just really weird. and I don't really understand it, meaning the concept. I suppose things are so simple for me. If we like each other, if we care about each other, if we're going to spend so much time together, If we're going to jump for each other whenever we need or want something, if we're going to jump for each other every time we need or want someone, if we're going to cook together and go out to dinner and movies and dessert and spend hours just sitting with each other and if we're going to meet each others parents over dinner and we start inviting each other to family functions and introducing each other to everybody in our lives... then why not be in a relationship? At that point, I'm emotionally invested. I'm monetarily, mentally, physically and psychologically invested. And since you're here, you must be too. If everybody who sees us, friends, parents, acquaintances and random strangers like waiters and the cashier at the store and this weird photographer guy that we ran into walking around and that cute girl that was trying to flirt with me until you walked up and we looked at each other and when you walked away, she asked me if you were my girlfriend, that hot guy that was checking you out until I walked up to you with our food and you smiled at me.... If everybody else can see it and nobody understand why we aren't together, when it's obvious to anybody who sees us and hears us talk about each other that we are IN love, then why wouldn't we be together? When we talk about each other like we're in a relationship, when we aren't talking to anybody else, and when either of us mention a member of the opposite sex we both get quietly immensely jealous because we can't bare to think of us giving anybody else attention but we pretend to smile and be okay with it, but yet we know each other well enough to where we know the other person is bothered no matter how well we hide it. I've gone through this. More accurately, I just got done with this experience a week ago. And even though we aren't talking, there's quiet communication. And my mom is seeing what's happening and she asked me," Are you lying that you weren't in a relationship? She's acting like you were her boyfriend. And you're acting like it was a breakup. You guys weren't together right?" When I confirmed that we weren't, she looked and told me that she was so confused. I've read a ridiculous amount of Tumblr and blog and "scientific" posts about being in love with your best friend, but it never turning into a relationship in an attempt to understand, but I still can't haha I mean, we're already doing this for what feels like forever into the past and we spend so much time around each other and we have such a good time around each other even though most of the bad times, why can't we do this forever into the future? It seems so simple to me? I mean, we're already doing it! haha Ah well.
Yes these two are very easy to misunderstand but there is a huge difference
I totally agree. You can be in a relationship but not truly love the person. Also two people can feel differently about each other in a relationship. I know, it's happened to me and the relationship went down in flames. At least I am happy in my relationship now!
im in a relationship rn
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