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EXO's Lay was rushed to the hospital after passing out.
Lay was filming a Chinese variety show. On his way to the bathroom, Lay passed out, pale and barely able to move, and was rushed immediately to the hospital. He was set up on fluids and returned back to filming after he was done.
According to reports, Lay had been suffering from food poisoning and had been in bad shape through the entire filming, including severe vomiting.
Hopefully he gets better soon!
source- Allkpop
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and they sent him back to filming right after???? wtf kind of sense does that make??
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woah woah WOAH!!! Wasn't Lay recently in the hospital for exhaustion? Now its food poisoning?? I got a few words for SM and none of them are very nice. This hurts me so much because he's the last person who needs to be going through all this. We really need to do something about this. #ProtectYixing2016
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I am sure SM will have him working again tomorrow. 馃槖
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Is it just me or can poor EXO not catch a break! I feel they need a vacation to see fam and friends before regrouping and SM to stop treating employees like slaves.
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omg poor baby please be able to rest!
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